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Jennifer San Marco
Birth name Jennifer San Marco
Occupation Retired postal worker
Born December 6, 1961

January 30, 2006 (aged 44)
Goleta, California, United States

Cause of Death Suicide
Date January 30, 2006
Target(s) Santa Barbara Processing and Distribution Center
Location(s) Goleta, California, United States
Killed 7
Injured 1
Weapon(s) S&W Model 915 (9mm)

Jennifer San Marco (December 6, 1961 ‚Äď January 30, 2006) (aged 44) was a former US Postal Service employee and mass murderer who killed seven people in a possibly racist spree killing. According to colleagues, she had a history of making racially charged statements, and once attempted to start a publication entitled The Racist Press.[1]


San Marco's background

San Marco had previously worked as a dispatcher for the Santa Barbara Police Department in the mid-1990s, a job for which she underwent a background check and psychological evaluation. She left the job after several months, not unusual for the high-stress occupation. [2] San Marco eventually went to work for the postal service as a clerk, but left on psychological disability following a 2003 incident in which she had to be removed from her workplace by police.[3] San Marco subsequently moved to a small town in New Mexico sometime in 2004.

The spree shooting

On January 30, 2006, San Marco shot and killed her neighbor, Beverly Graham, and then subsequently drove to the mail processing plant at which she previously worked in Goleta, California. San Marco entered the sprawling plant by driving through a gate behind another car. She gained entry to the building by taking an employee's identification badge at gunpoint.[3] She proceeded to shoot and kill six employees of the plant with a pistol before taking her own life.

San Marco appeared to target minorities in her killing; her victims included three African-Americans, one Chinese-American, one Filipino, one Hispanic worker and one Caucasian. The Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department reported at the time the belief that San Marco targeted specific employees against whom she had a grudge, possibly those who were involved with her removal from the facility in 2003.[3]

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