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Jerome Vered (born March 13, 1958) is a Studio City, California writer, publicly known for his record-setting success as a contestant on the U.S. television game show Jeopardy!

Vered graduated from Harvard College and the USC School of Cinema-Television.[1] He took the Jeopardy test four times (in 1987, 1988, 1989, and 1990) before being called to the show as an alternate in March 1991. He was not used in any of that day's tapings, but he did return the next year, and became a five-day champion.[2] During that run, he shattered the one-day record for dollar winnings, earning $34,000 in one episode.[1] Adjusting for the 2001 doubling of dollar values, Vered's record (which would be $68,000) stood for twelve years, until Ken Jennings broke it by winning $75,000 in his 38th game. In over two decades of Trebek-era Jeopardy!, only five other players have won at least $30,000 (pre-November 2001) or $60,000 (post-November 2001) in a single day, and Vered's 1992 win is still second on the all-time list. After his five-day run, Vered returned for the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions, finishing in third place.[2]

In the 2005 Jeopardy! Ultimate Tournament of Champions, Vered won five games to advance to a three-game final match against fellow Jeopardy! legends Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. Vered finished in third place, earning $250,000.[3] Behind Rutter and Jennings, respectively, he is the third highest-earning contestant in Jeopardy! history, having won a total of $496,602 in his original five wins, the 1992 Tournament of Champions, and the Ultimate Tournament of Champions.

Although Vered is best-known for his Jeopardy! prowess, he has also dominated in other quiz-show formats, including Win Ben Stein's Money, during which he recorded the first-ever sweep, and became the first to take home the full $5,000 of Ben Stein's money.[4] Vered's game show winnings thus total $501,602. As of 2009, Vered has the 39th-highest cash winnings total in the United States' game show history.

In 2009 he became the first American to crack the top 10 at a World Quizzing Championship with an 8th place.


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