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Jerzy Mniszech
Jerzy Mniszech.jpg
Noble Family Mniszchowie
Coat of Arms Mniszech or Konczyc or Poraj1
Parents Mikołaj z Wielkich Kuńczyc
Wracimowa Mniszech
Consorts Jadwiga Tarło
Children Urszula Mniszech
Marina Mniszech
Eufrozyna Mniszech
Mikołaj Mniszech
Stanisław Bonifacy Mniszech
Stefan Jan Mniszech
Franciszek Bernard Mniszech
Date of Birth Abt. 1548
Place of Birth  ?
Date of Death May 16, 1613
Place of Death  ?

Jerzy Mniszech (c. 1548 – 1613) was a nobleman (szlachcic) in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Member of the Mniszchowie family. Krajczy koronny in 1574, castellan of Radom in 1583, voivode of Sandomierz Voivodship in 1590, żupnik ruski, starost of Lwów in 1593, starost of Sambor, Sokal, Sanock, Rohatyn.

Father of Marina Mniszech (c. 1588—1614). Dealt with providing courtisans for the courts of some Commonwealth magnates. He is known for meddling in the Muscovy Times of Troubles, as he wed his daughter Marina to the False Dmitri I and later convinced her to marry the False Dmitri II.

Marina Mniszech and her father Jerzy in exile at Jaroslavl, by Klodt von Urgenburg.

He had several other children. His daughter Urszula Mniszech, born in 1603, married prince Konstanty Wisniowiecki, voivode of Russia (1564-1641). Anna Mniszech married Piotr Szyszkowski, castellan of Wojno. Eufrozyna Mniszech married Hermolaus Jordan. Mikołaj Mniszech (1587-1613) became starosta łukowski and Stanisław Bonifacy Mniszech (?-1644) became starosta lwowski 1613, samborski, gliniański; married (1602/1603) Zofia ks. Hołowczyńska. Stefan Jan Mniszech became starost of Sanok. Franciszek Bernard Mniszech became castellan sądecki in 1638, starost sanocki i szczyrzycki, married Barbara ze Żmigrodu Stadnicka.

Jerzy Mniszech is one of the personas on the famous painting by Jan Matejko: the sermons of Piotr Skarga.


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