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Jesús Calderón

Jesús Calderón, 2002
Background information
Born September 4, 1976 (1976-09-04) (age 33)
Origin Seville, Spain
Genres Orchestral, Film Music, New Age, World Music
Occupations Composer, musician, artist, producer
Instruments Synthesizer, keyboard, Piano, Symphonic Orchestra
Years active 1997-Present
Labels Independent

Jesús Calderón. Film Music composer for cinema and TV. He has composed many soundtracks for short films, documentaries, animation films, etc.



From a early age, he was interested in music and composition, and studied in the conservatory with the piano as main instrument. Soon he discovered the electronic music of the '70s: Jean Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield and Kraftwerk, among others, and began to be interested in music composition using synthesizers and the first PC sequencers, creating several themes under these influences, that were recorded into several albums. The film music and soundtracks were very fascinating to him, and he began to compose his first works with a Hollywood cinema sound for several projects that were offering to him. We can find many different genres in his music: electronic music, symphonic, piano solos, works for orchestra and choir, etc.

He has composed music for short films, animation films and documentaries for directors from 5 different countries. Now he is writing the music and lyrics for a musical show that will be opened in Madrid. He composed his first score for a 3D animation film directed by Rob Dollase: Dry Sky. This soundtrack was nominee for the best music in short film in the "Jerry Goldsmith Awards", and he won the "Gold Medal for Excellence" in the "Park City Film Music Festival", Utah (USA) in 2006.

Recently, Jesús Calderón has been double nominee for "best music in short film - animation" for TIN CAN HEART, and for "best music in documentary" for TIERRA DE OFICIOS (land of professions) on the prestigious "Jerry Goldsmith Awards" of the V International Film Music Festival "Ciudad de Úbeda".

Musical career


  • Original Score for the short film Estocolmo, directed by Jesús Manuel Fuentes Cortés.
  • Original Score for the short film Dios Lo Ve Todo, directed by Aída Argüelles.
  • Original Score for the short film Las Interioridades, directed by Darío Galo.


  • “Cinquecento”, “Spiritu”, “Le Troubadour”, “Death’s March”, “Terra Floret”, ”Malevolentia” and “Old Flavours”, have been included on the documentary La Recreación, directed by Pedro Sánchez for GrafXdigital.
  • “Mother Earth”, “Romanza”, “Prologue”, “Embrujo” and “CrossPiece” have been included on the documentary Recordando el Ayer, directed by Pedro Sánchez for GrafXdigital.
  • "Almería", "A Modern Tale", "Enlightenment", "Epic Days", "First Contact", "Terra Floret" and "Thoughts", have been included on a documentary titled Dos Hombres y un Motor, directed by Miguel González.
  • Composition for the logo of Ideami Films.
  • Original score for the short film La Última Cena, directed by Javier Ideami.
  • Original score for the short film El Problema, directed by Adrián Gutiérrez.
  • Original score for the 3D animation short film Tin Can Heart, with Karel Segers. Directed by Rod March.
  • Composed four hours of music for the documentary series Tierra de Oficios, produced by Tiquitoc Producciones.


  • Original score for the short film La Gran Osa, directed by Alex Just.
  • Main theme for a pilot TV series titled "Ven al baño y te lo cuento".
  • The "Dry Sky" soundtrack wins the "Gold Medal for Excellence" award on the 4th annual "Park City Film Music Festival", in Utah (EE.UU).




  • "The Gate" is included on "Torre Nueva. La Caida del Tiempo", a documentary directed by Miguel Lobera.
  • "Terra Floret" is included on "Singapore River through the eye of the Merlion", a Chinese documental.
  • Collaboration in "Volver a Villaro", a documentary directed by José Javier Pérez Prieto.


  • Composition for the BSO Spirit Hymn Contest: "A Modern Tale".
  • "Exoniqe" is a compilation CD that includes my theme "Inside the Maze". You can buy it at Groove Unlimited.
  • Composition of the theme "The Gate" for "Electronic Tour", a compilation CD created by Fairlight Jarre.


  • "V Siglos" concert in La Puebla de Cazalla (Sevilla) on 29 November 2002.
  • Recording of "V Siglos" CD.


  • Performance on the IV Rendez Vous in Maracena (Granada), organized by Fairlight Jarre on 28 July 2001.


  • "La Última Centuria" concert in La Puebla de Cazalla (Sevilla) on 20 December 2000.
  • Recording of "La Última Centuria" CD.
  • PC ACTUAL magazine features three themes composed by Jesús Calderón in the July-August issue: "One Planet", "Enlightenment" and "A Couple of Souls" are recorded in a special MP3 interactive CD included with the magazine.


  • Recording of "Last Times" CD.
  • Recording of "About Cults" CD.


  • Recording of "Intimist Context" CD.


  • "Sala Victoria" Inauguration concert in La Puebla de Cazalla (Sevilla) on 9 December 1997.



  • Estocolmo (Jesús Manuel Fuentes Cortés) Gluten Free Film
  • Dios lo ve Todo (Aída Argüelles) Peek-a-boo
  • Las Interioridades (Darío Galo) Lucifer Films / Koala Publicidad


  • Recordando el Ayer (Pedro Sánchez) Grafxdigital
  • La Recreación (Pedro Sánchez) Grafxdigital
  • Dos Hombres y un Motor (Miguel González)
  • La Última Cena (Javier Ideami) Ideami Films / Full Emotions Entertainment
  • El Problema (Adrián Gutiérrez)
  • Tin Can Heart (Rod March) Ozzywood Films
  • Tierra de Oficios (Tiquitoc Producciones)


  • La Gran Osa (Alex Just)


  • Las Bellas Durmientes (José Albaina) Látigo
  • Dry Sky (Rob Dollase)


  • V Siglos (2002)
  • La Última Centuria (2001)
  • Last Times (2000)
  • About Cults (1999)
  • Intimist Context (1998)

- Compilations -

  • Lost Frontier Christmas Sampler 2006 (2006)
  • Lost Frontier Sampler 02 (2005)
  • Exoniqe (2003)

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