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Jess Stearn (April 26, 1914 - March 27, 2002), born in Syracuse, New York, was a journalist and author of more than thirty books, nine of which were bestsellers. He was a prize-winning reporter for the New York Daily News for 17 years, and was later an Associate Editor at Newsweek1. He was the son of Rabbi David Stern.

Stearn's early works focused on outsiders and marginalized individuals, including prostitutes, drug addicts, gays, and lesbians. He subsequently developed an interest in psychic phenomena, which he dealt with in a characteristically uncritical fashion as a specialist in sensationalized, specualitive nonfiction. Stearn's best-known books include two biographies of the American psychic Edgar Cayce - Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet: The Life and Work of Edgar Cayce (1965) and A Prophet in His Own Country: The Story of the Young Edgar Cayce (1974). He began to believe in Cayce's theories whilst researching the former, and even spoke at conferences of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, a group founded by Cayce. He remained interested in spirituality and the occult for the remainder of his life - he refused to make any funeral arrangements as he believed he had lived previously and would live again.2

Stearn's book Yoga, Youth and Reincarnation (1968) was a popular seller and was reprinted in 1993. Stearn practiced yoga on a daily basis and lifted weights in order to keep fit well into his 80s.

In March 2002, Jess Stearn died of congestive heart failure at the age of 87 at his home in Malibu, California.3


  • Sisters of the Night: The Startling Story of Prostitution in New York Today (1954)
  • The Wasted Years: Drug & Delinquent Stories (1959)
  • The Sixth Man: A Startling Investigation of the Spread of Homosexuality in America (1962)
  • The Door to the Future: Can the Future be Foreseen? (1963)
  • The Grapevine: A Report on the Secret World of the Lesbian (1964)
  • Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet (1967)
  • Yoga, Youth and Reincarnation (1965)
  • The Search for the Girl with the Blue Eyes: A Venture Into Reincarnation (1968)
  • Adventures into the Psychic (1969)
  • The Second Life of Susan Ganther: Startling Story of Reincarnation (1969)
  • The Seekers: Drugs and the New Generation (1969)
  • A Time for Astrology (1972)
  • The Miracle Workers; America's Psychic Consultants (1972)
  • Dr Thompson's New Way for You to Cure Your Aching Back (1973)
  • The Search for a Soul: Taylor Caldwell's Psychic Lives (1973)
  • A Prophet in his Own Country: The Story of the Young Edgar Cayce (1975)
  • Romance of Atlantis - with Taylor Caldwell (1975)
  • A Matter of Immortality: Dramatic Evidence of Survival (1976)
  • The Power of Alpha-Thinking: Miracle of the Mind (1976)
  • I, Judas - with Taylor Caldwell (1977)
  • The Reporter (1979)
  • The Truth About Elvis - with Larry Geller4 (1980)
  • Soulmates: Perfect Partners Past, Present, and Beyond (1984)
  • Intimates Through Time: Edgar Cayce's Mysteries Of Reincarnation (1989)
  • Meetings: A Reporter's Notebook: Provocative Interviews that Capture the Spirit of Our Times (1997)
  • The Physician Within You: Discovering the Power of Inner Healing - with Gladys McGarey MD5 (1997)
  • Edgar Cayce on the Millennium (1998)




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