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Jesuit priests at the time of their solemn and final profession in the Society of Jesus promise: I will never strive or ambition, not even indirectly, to be chosen or promoted to any prelacy or dignity in or outside the Society; and I will do my best never to consent to my election unless I am forced to do so by obedience to him who can order me under penalty of sin. (Constitutions S.J., Part X, N°6 [817]).

Yet because of various reasons and in different circumstances (need of a bishop in an area where the Church has still to be developed, recognition of a theologian's outstanting contribution to theological reflection, etc) several Jesuits have been made bishops or even cardinals. In such cases they remain only nominally Jesuit, as they lose active and passive voice within the Order and are no longer under the obedience of the Superior General.

The following is a partial list of contemporary Jesuit cardinals:

Kardinalcoa.png Current Jesuit Cardinals Date of Birth
Current Age
Elevated to Cardinal
Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio
Argentina Archbishop of Buenos Aires
December 17, 1936
73 years, 29 days
February 21, 2001
Pope John Paul II
Julius Riyadi Cardinal Darmaatmadja
Indonesia Archbishop of Jakarta
December 20, 1934
75 years, 27 days
November 26, 1994
Pope John Paul II
Ján Chryzostom Cardinal Korec
Slovakia Bishop Emeritus of Nitra
January 22, 1924
85 years, 359 days
June 28, 1991
Pope John Paul II
Carlo Maria Cardinal Martini
Italy Archbishop Emeritus of Milan
February 15, 1927
82 years, 335 days
February 2, 1983
Pope John Paul II
Urbano Cardinal Navarrete Cortés
Spain priest
May 25, 1920
89 years, 235 days
November 24, 2007
Pope Benedict XVI
Paul Cardinal Shan Kuo-his
Republic of China Bishop Emeritus of Kaohsiung
December 3, 1923
86 years, 44 days
February 21, 1998
Pope John Paul II
Tomáš Cardinal Špidlík
Czech Republic priest
December 17, 1919
90 years, 30 days
October 21, 2003
Pope John Paul II
Roberto Cardinal Tucci
Italy priest
April 19, 1921
88 years, 272 days
February 21, 2001
Pope John Paul II
Albert Cardinal Vanhoye
France priest
July 23, 1923
86 years, 177 days
March 24, 2006
Pope Benedict XVI


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