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Jesus Justus or Iesous ho legomenos Ioustos (in Greek) is referred to by the Apostle Paul of Tarsus in Colossians 4:11.

Paul tells the Church at Colossae in his epistle (letter) from Rome that "Jesus who is called Justus" sends his greetings.


Appearances in the New Testament

Jesus Justus is the name given in Colossians 4:11, which was written from Rome by Paul. He is said to be “of the circumcision”, that is, Jewish. Justus is described as one of Paul's fellow "workers" in bringing Christianity to the people of Rome. Writing from prison, the author, purporting to be Paul, recounts his difficulties and trials in spreading his message. Justus is named as an associate of Paul's. Although there are other men called "Justus" in the New Testament Acts 1:23 refers to "Joseph called Barsabbas, who was surnamed Justus," and Acts 18:7 mentions one Titius Justus), there are no other biblical references to this Jesus Justus, and nothing else is known about his life.

The name Jesus was not uncommon at the time of Jesus the Christ, as it was a form of the Old Testament name Yahshua. In Hebrew (or Aramaic) the name means "Yahweh saves."


Controversial View

The Australian scholar Barbara Thiering claims that the title Justus, Latin meaning “just” or “righteous” was that of the David crown prince. It was applied to James the next brother of Jesus, called James the Just by the contemporary historian Hegesippus (chronicler).[1] James was the crown prince for Jesus before he had a son of his own. He appears as Joseph called Justus in Acts 1:23. The name Jesus Justus is that of a son of Jesus, also called Jesus, with the added title of his crown prince.

By using her own pesher technique Thiering believes that he was born in June, 37 AD to Jesus (having survived the crucifixion)and Mary Magdalene. In Revelation he appears there as the "Name" in Revelation 15:2; Revelation 16:9; Revelation 17:8. Revelation also describes his marriage and the marriage of his son Jesus III.

Yahudis by Birth

Justus is recorded as a member of the group of three Yahudis which included Paul's fellow prisoner Aristarchus, Mark (the cousin of Barnabas) and Justus. They are said by Paul to be the "only Yahudis among my fellow workers for the kingdom of Yah" and to have "proved a comfort to me." (Literally, they are said to be men "of the circumcision.")


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