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Jet Impulse
Jet Impulse box art.
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release date(s) JP February 8, 2007
Genre(s) Flight simulator
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
Rating(s) CERO: A (All Ages)
Input methods D-Pad, buttons, touch screen, built-in microphone

Jet Impulse is a flight simulation video game developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS. It was first announced on May 9, 2006 at the pre-E3 Nintendo conference.[1]

The goal of Jet Impulse is to defeat an evil dictator along with his army of elite strike fighters. The game features customisable airplanes and weapons as well as a co-op mode that can be played over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.



The story takes place in a fictional world similar to earth where a world war erupted along with use of nuclear munitions. Despite the war, humanity somehow prevented a post-nuclear apocalypse and the Union as well as the Allies was formed in the wake of peace. However despite that 30 years later, tensions increased when rival superstate Allies began aggressive attacks into Union territory. In response, Avalon, the strongest Union state send in Akitsu's finest air force to pacify Mardock (one of the members of Allies) to deal with the threat.

The main heroes are Naomi Moriha (Callsign Jasmine) and her wingmate which is the player, they were the newest pilots to enter the Akitsu military, Jasmine was a refugee from Midgard before becoming a member of the union but despite that enjoys being part of Akitsu's cause. Their first training regiment goes wary though when a defector tries to escape from Zera and Mardock's air force. The pilots managed to destroy the squadron of enemy pilots but was unable to keep the defector alive after he landed safely whose last words were: "Neopax approaches" They soon began another trial by fire as the Akitsu forces stops a terrorist attack on a petroleum plant in Union territory, they met an ace from Mardock from the old war who decides for better judgement not to attack, hoping Union has better intentions for Mardock's.

The Akitsu military force finally began their attack on Mardock, memories of the third war ran through Jasmine as Mardock civilians greet them as saviors. An anti AA bombing runs goes awry when Crimson attacks, taking out several members of the crew. Leaving only Delight, Jasmine and Cactus as the only survivors of the attack. They manage to escape the wrath of Crimson and retreat to Union airbase where they meet Union Ace Sword. At the final fronts of the campaign, Cactus was responsible for carrying a bunker buster payload that will destroy the bunker of the Mardock Government and force them to sue for peace. However, the Mardock ace Anbaral told them that this is also where civilians are hiding. Jasmine begs for Catcus to look for an alternative but he sends in the bunker buster anyway, killing both civilian and military alike as well as causing Cactus to go MIA. The war was a bittersweet victory in Jasmine's eyes. The mardock citizens saw them as saviors but now they are butchers in their eyes as well as taking Cactus' plane with it.

The Akitsu forces come back victorious in their campaign and were greeted as victors, but victory was short lived as Zera mounts an invasion against Union forces with the threat of nuclear attacks against Avalon. Along with defectors, most the Union forces was soon brought under Neopax alliance control and Jasmine and the player fled in nothing more than training jets as they reached a resistance base. They then launched a series of defense and counterattacks against the Zera forces including the Orion Star Squadron as well as brief battles with Crimson and former allies. It was then revealed that Government members of the Union had been feeding information and weapons to Neopax's regime and Zera was merely the front behind the attack. In an attempt to curtail their strength, the Akitsu Navy began mounting an attack to overthrow the puppet government. A revolution erupts and the government is overthrown and the proper Union government is restored to power. Allowing a counterattack to be mounted against Midgard.

Neopax forces found themselves severely weakened as the supply stash and their Orion Stars were completely destroyed. Allowing the Union forces to finally attack Midgard and end Neopax once and for all. the player engages in a final battle with Cactus and his downfall. Leaving only Woodball and Crimson remaining as the Allies' final aces. The final reunion between Jasmine and Crimson was bittersweet though as Midgard forces attempts to destroy the dam flooding the country to destroy the Union forces at the expense of Midgard, as rather than reuniting with her sister, chose to die as her plane entered the dam leading to her death. The final battle finally begins as Jasmine, Delight and the Player mounts an all or nothing airstrike against the Neopax HQ, bringing an end to the dictator. As the pieces of the satellite fall from the sky, Delights says to himself, "It's finished".

At the end of the epilogue of hard difficulty and higher, Jasmine and the player (from his point of view) is seen enjoying a well deserved vacation as two planes flies overhead.


Jet Impulse has scored 7, 7, 7, 7 (28/40) on Famitsu Weekly[2]


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Jet Impulse
Box artwork for Jet Impulse.
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Flight simulation
System(s) Nintendo DS
CERO: All ages

The goal of Jet Impulse is to defeat an evil dictator along with his army of elite strike fighters.

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