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Genre Comedy, Magical, Adventure, Romance
TV anime
Director Nanako Sasaki
Producer Kazuya Watanabe
Studio Studio Comet
Licensor Japan Sanrio, Sega
Network Japan TV Osaka, TV Tokyo
Original run 5 April 200928 March 2010
Episodes 52
TV anime
Jewelpet Tinkle☆ (ジュエルペット てぃんくる☆?)
Director Takashi Yamamoto
Studio Studio Comet
Network Japan TV Tokyo
Original run 3 April 2010scheduled
Jewel Pet: Cute Magic Fantasy (ジュエルペット かわいい魔法のファンタジー Jewel Pet: Kawaii Mahō no Fantasy?)
Developer MTO
Publisher Sega
Platform Nintendo DS
Released April 30, 2009
Jewel Pet DS Magic Kirapi Kariin (ジュエルペット 魔法のDSキラピカリーン Jewel Pet: Mahō no DS Kirapi Kariin?)
Developer MTO
Publisher Sega
Platform Nintendo DS
Released December 17, 2009
Jewelpet: The Glittering Magical Jewel Box (ジュエルペット キラキラ魔法の宝石箱 Jewelpet: Kirakira Mahō no Hōseki-bako?)
Developer Sega
Publisher Sega
Genre Puzzle
Platform Arcade
Released 2010
Illustrator Tatsuyama Sayuri
Publisher Shogakukan
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine Ciao
Original run January 2010 – ongoing
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Jewelpet (ジュエルペット?) is an anime series based on the toy characters created as a joint-venture between Sanrio, and third-party video game publisher Sega.[1] Produced by Kazuya Watanabe and animated by Studio Comet, the series premiered in 5 April 2009 on TV Osaka and TV Tokyo spanning 52 episodes, and replacing Onegai My Melody Kirara★ in its initial timeslot. The series's theme is jewels and magic. A second season, titled Jewelpet Tinkle☆ (ジュエルペット てぃんくる☆?) is planned to be released on April 3, 2010 and will be produced also by Studio Comet. The second series will focus on a new character named Akari Sakura.[2] Two Manga spinoffs were created and both were serialized by Shogakukan.

Media Factory and Marvelous Entertainment were both currently handling the first season's DVD release in Japan. Sanrio and Sega also have plans for an overseas expansion of the Jewelpet franchise, but it is unknown if this expansion plan includes the United States.


Story Arcs

The series is divided into two seasonal Arcs, the Rinko Arc (Jewelpet) and the Akari Arc (Jewelpet Tinkle). Both Arcs focuses on the main human characters as well as their Jewelper Partners. The most current is the Rinko Arc.

Rinko Arc

In the magical place called Jewel Land, the magicians turned the Jewelpets into Jewels so they can travel to the magic forest but with the exception of Ruby, a white rabbit who likes to goof off. But then a strong wind blew the stork and the jewels were spilled, scattering them across Takaragaseki City on Earth. Ruby, now being punished, is sent to Earth to retrieve her friends. On Earth, a student named Rinko is on her balcony observing the night sky and saw a group of shooting stars and one of them falls into her water glass to become a red jewel. The next day she and her friend Minami was saved by a guy named Keigo Taitō from a jewelry store robbery. He then explained to them that he's working from a special organization which is linked to the magicians of Jewel Land and told them about the Jewelpets. As Rinko awakened Ruby, and then met Alice later on, It's now their task to gather all the Jewelpets together back to Jewel Land before an evil Jewelpet named Diana gets them first. As the Series Progress, the main heroines uncover new Jewelpets on their way. But on the same time, Dian, another Jewelpet who can use Dark Magic awakens from his Jewel State. And now the heroes will face him and the havoc and chaos I'll cause in both Jewel Land and the Human World.


Major Characters (Jewelpet)

Rinko Kōgyoku (紅玉りんこ?)

The main Heroine of the Show and Ruby's Human Partner. A 14 Year old Junior High Student from Takaragaseki City, Rinko is a normal girl who dreams of her Prince Charming on a Horse who will sweep off her feet. Although she both attends Junior High in Earth and School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Jewel Land, Rinko also has Acrophobia, can be timid sometimes and has bad English Speaking skills. She along with Ruby and her friends were chosen by the Four Magicians to gather all the lost Jewelpets back to Jewel Land before something bad happens to both worlds. She has a crush on the Mysterious Person Andy, who is really a Jewelpet named Dian in disguise. In Episode 47, she is under Dian's spell and currently been captured, so he could marry her in his Human Form and in Episode 48, she somehow lost the Jewel Stick as Dian finally possesses it.

Rinko is the only person who can use two Magical Items, the Jewel Pocketbook (ジュエル手帳?), used to awaken Jewelpets from their Jewel State along with Ruby and the Jewel Stick (ジュエルステッキ?), which she uses to cast Magic. On Episode 48, Dian took away the Jewel Stick from her.

Rinko is voiced by Eri Kamei.

Minami Asaoka (朝岡みなみ?)

Rinko's Childhood friend and Garnet's Human Partner. Also 14 years old and attends Junior High, Minami is a Member of the school's Kendo Club whose family owns an Okonomiyaki shop in the city Suburbs. She's very tomboyish and always uses her Kendo skills in some situations, though she admires her club senior Miyamoto. Also she's very supportive to Rinko onto some situations where she may give up in a battle. Even though to her personality, she likes Pink Stuff and also Stuffed Toys, the reason why she decorated her room pink. She helps Rinko on finding the lost Jewelpets on Earth.

Minami is voiced by AKINA.

Aoi Arisugawa (有栖川あおい?)

Daughter of the Principal of the School Rinko attends in and Sapphire's Human Partner. Also 14 years old, Aoi is the richest girl in Takaragaseki City, seeing that family owned a lot of establishments in the city. Calm but has a gentle heart, she wanted to have a real best friend seeing that even her highest status, she can feel lonely and sad at times. After her Jewelpet partner Sapphire is awakened, everyone convinced her that her best friends was on her side all along and after that, she helps Rinko on finding the lost Jewelpets on earth. She was taken cared by her trusted butler Genshirou in her mansion when her parents are away.

Aoi is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro.

Keigo Taitō (帯刀啓吾?)

A Secretary from the prime minister of Japan, who knows the Jewelpet's Existence in secrecy. Keigo knows about Ruby's arrival to Earth and Rinko and her friend's involvement about Jewel Land and the Jewelpets. He assigned Rinko, Aoi, Minami and their Jewelpet partners to help him and the government in secret to find all the Jewelpets and prevent Diana and Dian to do further trouble in the human world. His English knowledge is very skillful and has a good skills in basketball. His friends calls him Tatewaki.

Keigo is voiced by Mamoru Miyano.

Akira Nanase (七瀬晃?)

Nephrite's Human Partner, who debuts in Episode 16. Akira is Rinko's best friend from America, who suddenly migrated back to Japan and live as her neighbor. He's part of a Basketball Team in New York and knows how to play through the rules. He's also an expert English Speaker, which sometime he brags it in front of Rinko. His Father is often away on his Photography business, leaving him in charge of the housework. Even though he can brag sometimes, he has a secret crush on Rinko and hates Dian on how he influenced her.

Akira is voiced by Yuki Kaida.

Ruby (ルビー?)

Rinko's Jewelpet partner and the secondary heroine of the series, Ruby is a White Japanese Hare who symbolizes Courage. Ruby is the only Jewelpet who has the "Acrylic Class" ranking due to her magic, which can cause explosions when she cast to someone. But sometimes her magic has 1% chance of success. Due to her bad behavior and in-attendance, she was punished by the 4 Magicians of Jewel Land, made her find all her friends and sending her to Earth through her Jewel form, which falls through Rinko's glass on that night. Her personality is a bit joyful and sometimes a troublemaker, which makes her partner Rinko have a hard time handling her. Despite all of this, she and Rinko were appointed to find the missing Jewelpets on Earth and handling every problem her partner encounters. She has a big crush on Tooru. Her birthday is in July 29 and her name is based on the Gemstone Ruby.

Ruby can also use the Jewel Pocketbook to awaken Jewelpets in their jewel form. She can also wield a Miniaturized Version of the Jewel Stick for her magic or with Garnet and Sapphire, summon other Jewelpets from Jewel Land.

Ruby is voiced by Ayaka Saito.

Garnet (ガーネット?)

Minami's Jewelpet partner, Garnet is a Pink Persian Cat who symbolizes Love. Just like her human partner, Garnet has a pink addiction as well and likes cute stuff like Minami does. At first she doesn't like her partner but when Minami showed to Garnet her room, she finally changed her mind. She is sassy, tough, likes cute stuff and sometimes hates really bad men. She earned the "Glass Class" ranking in magic due to her magic can have a success rate of 50%. Her birthday is in January 8 and her name is based on the Gemstone Garnet.

Garnet can also wield a Miniaturized Version of the Jewel Stick for her magic or with Ruby and Sapphire, summon other Jewelpets from Jewel Land.

Garnet is voiced by Aya Hirano.

Sapphire (サファイア?)

Aoi's Jewelpet Partner, Sapphire is a Yellow and Blue Cavalier King Charles spaniel who symbolizes Friendship. A very friendly Jewelpet, Sapphire knows how her human partner is feeling sometimes and she is always with her every time. Friendly, calm and can understand everyone's feelings, Sapphire knows how kind her friends were in both Jeweland and in Earth. She can get scared sometimes when she's taken to the doctor when sick and cries. Despite of her personality, she's the highest ranking Jewelpet in Jewel Land, earning her the "Crystal Class" due to her magic is always successful. Her birthday is in September 1 and her name is based on the Gemstone Sapphire.

Sapphire can also wield a Miniaturized Version of the Jewel Stick for her magic or with Ruby and Garnet, summon other Jewelpets from Jewel Land.

Sapphire is voiced by Nozomi Sasaki.

Nephrite (ネフライト?)

Akira's Jewelpet Partner, Nephrite is a Welsh Corgi who symbolizes the magic of Leading. He debuted in Episode 16 along with Akira and sometimes seen with his Human Partner. His speech always ends with "Keropa!", meaning "Get up!" in English. His birthday is in February 1 and his name is based on the Mineral Nephrite.

Nephrite is voiced by Megumi Ozaki.

King (キング?)

A French Bulldog who symbolizes Health. Debuting in Episode 7, he's a Funny but positive character of the series and Genshirou's Jewelpet Partner. Although he's the least popular Jewelpet in Jewel Land, along with Diana and Dian, he has a love interest with one of the Jewel Eight, Lapiz (who is under Dian's dark spell), which is the cause of his capture. When in Dian's clutches, he tries to convince Lapiz to go back to her usual self and let go of Dian's dark intentions. Him and Lapiz were held captive after Dian's spell is broken in Episode 46 but then escaped in Episode 49 to help Rinko and the others. His magic of health accompanies the person who multiplies magic the pain, strengthening them multifold. His birthday is in August 10 and while his name isn't based on a jewel in the anime, his powers comes from his base jewel, Onyx.

King is voiced by Hidenobu Kiuchi

Lapiz (ラピス?)

One of the famed Jewel Eight and King's love interest, Lapiz is a Russian Blue who symbolizes the magic to Brush off Wrong Nature. She debuted in Episode 35 who is under influence of Dian's dark magic and defeated King in the Jewel Games, failing to get her. Even though she's under his spell, she understands King's feeling, thought she doesn't show it to him. On the Events of Episode 46, Dian's spell on her is broken, making her go to Rinko's side and helped her escape to the Human World. She and King were held captive after Dian's spell is broken in Episode 46 but then escaped in Episode 49 to help Rinko and the others. Her birthday is in September 15 and her name is based on the Stone Lapis lazuli.

Lapiz is voiced by Junko Takeuchi.

Major Characters (Jewelpet Tinkle)

Minor Characters


Diana (ダイアナ?)

One of the Main Villains of the show, Diana is a Black Munchkin who can use the forbidden dark magic called Dark Eyes Power (ダークアイズパワー?). She's Dian's younger sister, who got sealed by the magicians years ago due to her foolish acts. She was unsealed during the events of Episode 2 due to the Phantom Thieves, thinking it was the kitten they found. Her intentions is to defeat the 4 Magicians of Jewel Land and rule both worlds by her power. Although she can be a snob, evil and sometimes jealous to Rinko, her magic is however is strong (which can be distinguished from the Black to Mauvish colored paw on the victim), casting it to a human or thing which the Jewel Charms were hiding, which can be broken by someone confessing their weakness. She always let her minions, the Phantom Herb Thieves to do her bidding on stealing the jewelpets and collecting them to break the seal that keeps Dian imprisoned on ice. But time and time, she and the gang fails on getting every single one of them. After the events of Episode 26, the Phantom Thieves betrayed her and Diana have gone solo on collecting the remaining Jewelpets. But in the end, she successfully free Dian from the Ice Prison, which she considered him her 'big brother'. Her only fear is Bananas. Diana's name is based on Diamond and her birthday is in April 20.

Diana has a black version of the Jewel Pocketbook which she uses to identify which Jewelpet she will get. It was also used to unlock the Jewel Stick along with the one Rinko has.

Diana is voiced by Rumi Shishido.

The Phantom Herb Thieves (怪盗ハーブ団?)

They're a group of not so lucky people that Diana hired to get all the Jewelpets on Earth. The three were formed by Mint (Female Leader and Kyanite's Human Partner), Sage (Second member, male) and Green Shiso (Third member and the glutton of the group). Their real names were unknown. In the events of Episode 26, they betrayed Diana after the Jewelstick is unveiled and go with Kyanite, changing their lives for the better.

Mint is voiced by Junko Takeuchi, Sage is voiced by Hidenobu Kiuchi and Green Shiso is voiced by Akiko Kobayashi.

Dian (ディアン?)

The real villain of the show, Dian is a Gray Maine Coon who with Diana, can also use forbidden dark magic, but in a powerful version called Obsidian Eyes Power (オブシディアンアイズパワー?). Debuting in Episode 33, He's Diana's older brother, who despises both Humans and the 4 Magicians on how they see the Jewelpets and somehow lead a rebellion in Jewel Land during early times. In one scene, he used his magic to cause havoc in the Human World and turned all the people into stone. Due to his Tyranny, the 4 Magicians has no choice but to Seal him up in his Jewel State and into an ice prison, on which no Jewelpet nor human can enter. He was awakened by Diana by her magic and he starts to cause havoc on the Human World by using his captured Jewelpets to do his bidding. Unlike Diana, Dian casts his magic to the Jewelpet themselves causing them to turn really evil and the only way Rinko can get them back is through the Jewel Games. Dian can also assume his human form in the name Andy (Anagram for Dian) to seduce Rinko for him to obtain the Jewel Stick. In Episode 47, he successfully captured Rinko due to his magic and "proposed" to her for marriage and in 48, he finally got the Jewel Stick from Rinko's grasp. In episode 49, he successfully defeated the Four Magicians, turning them into stone and plans to go to the Human World using his new dark powers. His true intentions however is to destroy Jewel Land an take over the Human World, while eradicating every human being on sight, out of belief that the world is filled with nothing but lies, and plunge the world into eternal despair and darkness. Dian's birthday is in January 20 and his name is based on the Igneous Rock Obsidian.

Dian Wields a black, evil version of the Jewel Stick, which is originally Rinko's.

Dian is voiced by Jun Fukuyama.

List of all Jewelpets in Appearance

The Jewelpets are 34 Magical Animals named after famous Birthstones and Jewels. They each have a different kind of sparkling jewel for their eyes, used for casting special magic called "Jewel Flash". According to the series, They live in a mystical place called Jewel Land, attending a school to learn more about magic and each of them were paired by their own human partners. The Jewelpet's Magic were divided into two sides: the normal magic and the forbidden dark magic.

Appearing in Jewelpet

Name Species Jewel Power Birthday Appearance
Ruby (ルビー?) Japanese Hare Courage July 29 EP 1
Garnet (ガーネット?) Persian Cat Love January 8 EP 1
Sapphire (サファイア?) Cavalier King Charles spaniel Friendship September 1 EP 1
Diamond (ダイアモンド?) (Diana (ダイアナ?) in the anime) Munchkin Dark Magic April 20 EP 4
Citrine (シトリン?) Parakeet Prosperity November 23 EP 4
Malachite (マラカイト?) Jack Russell Terrier Assistance December 4 EP 5
Chrysoprase (クリソプレーズ?) Toy Poodle Study February 14 EP 6
Onyx (オニキス?) (King (キング?) in the Anime) French Bulldog Health August 10 EP 7
Emerald (エメラルド?) Panda Harmony May 17 EP 8
Red Beryl (レッドべリル?) Miniature pig Balance of Mind and Body April 24 EP 9
Tourmaline (トルマリン?) (Tooru (トール?) in the Anime) American Shorthair Adventure October 13 EP 10
Fluorite (フローライト?) Sheep Future Prediction January 17 EP 11
Peridot (ペリドット?) Papillon Dream Fulfillment August 3 EP 12
Milky Quartz (ミルキークウォーツ?) Chihuahua Sympathy April 8 EP 13
Amber (琥珀?) Shiba Inu Economic Fortune Improvement June 5 EP 14
Moonstone (ムーンストーン?) (Luna (ルナ?) in the Anime) Netherland Dwarf Charm Improvement June 8 EP 15
Nephrite (ネフライト?) Welsh Corgi Leading February 1 EP 16
Euclase (ユークレース?) Beagle Intellect and Vision November 3 EP 17
Aquamarine (アクアマリン?) Clownfish Calm Reliever March 26 EP 21
Kyanite (カイヤナイト?) Siamese Cat Independence May 15 EP 24
Opal (オパール?) Unicorn Miracles October 3 EP 26
Titanite (チタナイト?) Chipmunk Balance September 23 EP 29
Coral (珊瑚?) (Sango (サンゴ?) in the anime) Tabby cat Luck July 10 EP 31
Turquoise (ターコイズ?) (Tata (タータ?) in the anime) Squirrel monkey Courage December 19 EP 32
Obsidian (オブシディアン?) (Dian (ディアン?) in the anime) Maine Coon Superior Dark Magic January 20 EP 33
Sardonyx (サードニクス?) Ferret Reconciliation August 22 EP 33
Amethyst (アメジスト?) Hamster Bond February 9 EP 34
Lapis lazuli (ラピスラズリ?) (Lapiz (ラピス?) in the anime) Russian Blue Brushing off Wrong Nature September 15 EP 35
Chrysocolla (クリソコーラ?) (Kris (クリス?) in the anime) Miniature dachshund Success in Work July 5 EP 37
Iolite (アイオライト?) Holland Lop Refresh December 29 EP 38
Labradorite (ラブラドライト?) (Rabura (ラブラ?) in the anime) Polar Bear Mischief December 27 EP 39
Topaz (トパーズ?) Yorkshire Terrier Confidence November 12 EP 42
Alexandrite (アレキサンドライト?) (Alex (アレク?) in the anime) Scottish Fold Possibility March 3 EP 44
Brown Quartz (ブラウンクォーツ?) (Brownie (ブラウニー?) in the anime) Hedgehog Imagination October 23 EP 44


The series' music is composed by Shiro Hamaguchi and directed by Takuya Hiramitsu. Two pieces of theme music were used for the series; one opening theme by Yui Asaka and one closing theme by Horie Mitsuko. The opening theme for the series is titled Magic? Magic! Magical☆Jewel (マジ?マジ! マジカル☆ジュエル Maji? Maji! Majikaru☆Jeweru?). The closing theme is Loop of Smiles (笑顔のループ Egao no Loop?). Both Songs are composed by Yuriko Mori. The single containing these two tracks and their karaoke variations is released on May 20, 2009.[3]

An official soundtrack CD, titled Jewelpet: Happy Music (ジュエルペット はっぴぃ♪ミュージック?), to be released on April 21, 2010, contains all the music score of the series including the insert song "Strawberry Time" by Rumi Shishido and Yuki Kaida as well the both the Opening and Ending themes.


Before the anime is produced in 2009, Sega collaborated with Sanrio to release plush toys featuring the characters of the series in the same year. These which contains a password to access the Web-Gurumi website, a special site on which the customer "adopts" this pet in the virtual World, similar to Webkinz's Webkinz World. Like Webkinz, if the user doesn't have the Password, the user may not get access to the Web-Gurumi website. Like Accounts expire within one year, unless another Jewelpet toy is purchased, and that animal added to the user account. These similarities stirred both Ganz and Sanrio/Sega in a controversy due to the same concept on the main toys. However, both companies never give any comments about it.

As the series becomes more popular in Japan, the series merchandise extends to school supplies, bags, raincoats, umbrellas and even toy replicas of the Jewel Pocketbook and the Jewel Stick. Three games were also made to tie in with the anime franchise, 2 were for the Nintendo DS and 1 for the Arcade in Japan. A Trading Card Game spinoff was then released Bushiroad, the creators of Weiß Schwarz and Alice X Cross Trading Card Games. Both the starter set and booster pack was released in July 30, 2009.[4]

DVD Release

Media Factory and Marvelous Entertainment released several volumes of the first season in Separate Region-2 DVDs in Japan. Only 12 volumes were currently been released and each contains 3 episodes.


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