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A young man with a Jewfro.

A Jewfro (portmanteau of the words Jewish and afro) or Isro (portmanteau of the words Israel and afro) refers to a curly hairstyle worn by certain people of Jewish descent.[citation needed] Its name is inspired by the afro hairstyle, which it resembles.

The term has its roots in the 1960s and 1970s when many prominent figures were described as sporting the hairstyle.[citation needed] The Los Angeles Times called college football star Scott Marcus a flower child with “golden brown ringlets around his head in what he calls a Jewish afro style”.[1]

The New York Times in a 1971 article on Harvard’s “hairy” basketball team, wrote that Captain Brian Newmark, “hasn’t had a haircut since last May and his friends have suggested his hairdo is a first cousin to the the case of the Jewish Junior from Brooklyn, though, the bushy dark hair that is piled high on his head has been called an Isro."[2] Novelist Judith Rossner was described in a Chicago Tribune profile as the “grown-up Wunderkind with an open, oval face framed by a Jewish Afro."[3]

Some hairstyles are sometimes considered a jewfro but with a "relaxed" and "weighed down" nature. Hair types that are close and/or similar to curly hair can be styled into a jew fro. Adrian Grenier's hairstyle is a example of what some people may also consider a Jewfro.

Heeb Magazine, an irreverent Jewish review, published a photo-spread on the "Jewfro" in its first issue. Other examples of people who have had Jewfro style hair are Nick Jonas, Adrian Grenier, Art Garfunkel, Evgeny Kissin, Brad Delson, Andy Samberg, Dustin Diamond, Larry Fine, Matt Stone, Simon Amstell, Adam Lamberg, Bob Dylan, Mike Einziger, Colin Baker, Tom Baker, Seth Rogen, Matt King, Ben Lee, Jonah Hill, Alex Jacob, Gene Shalit, Phil Spector, and Edan.


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Simple English

A Jewfro is a type of curly hairstyle that is worn by people of the Ashkenazi Jewish descent.

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