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Jihadi or jihadi international is a political neologism referring to an individual who participates in advancing Jihad.

According to scholar Martin Kramer the term jihadism first became common in the "the Indian and Pakistani media" and spread to the west after the 9/11 attacks. "At present, jihadism is used to refer to the most violent persons and movements in contemporary Islam, including al-Qaeda." It may also be related to the term "jihadist-Salafism." put into "academic circulation" by "French academics". [1]

The correct Arabic term for one who engages in Jihad is not jihadi but "Mujahid" (plural is Mujahideen). In Arabic, the word-final -i refers to the place of origin of a person. A "Saudi" or "Pakistani", for example, being from Saudi Arabia or Pakistan.


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