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Jimeno (Ximeno) I was the 9th century father of Garc√≠a Jim√©nez of Pamplona. In spite of various biographical details having been created, there are no unambiguous records of his existence except in the patronymics of his sons, Garc√≠a and √ć√Īigo Jim√©nez, indicating a father named Jimeno.[1] In 850, the French court received envoys from Induo and Mitio, "dukes of the Navarrese", and it has been supposed that these names represent those of √ć√Īigo Arista and Jimeno,[2] but S√°nchez Albernoz argued against the latter identification. Likewise it has been suggested that, like his son, he may have been ruler of "another part of the kingdom" of Pamplona, or even that he was regent of the entire kingdom (for which there is no evidence).[3] The location of his hypothetical principality has been placed around √Ālava, where a count Vela Jim√©nez, traditionally thought to have been his son (again based on patronymic), held sway.[4]

He has sometimes been described as Jimeno the Strong, but this results from confusion with a much earlier man of that name. Likewise, he sometimes appears as Jimeno Garc√©s due to hypotheses about his origins. The belief that he was kinsman of √ć√Īigo I Arista has led to various reconstructed pedigrees, filling the gaps with otherwise unknown or chronologically misplaced individuals, the most common version making him son of a Garc√≠a Jim√©nez, and thereby making "Garc√©s" the patronymic of Jimeno.[1]

If he ruled, he was apparently succeeded in his principality by son Garc√≠a Jim√©nez. He is noteworthy as the earliest documented ancestor of a royal house‚ÄĒthe Jim√©nez‚ÄĒthat displaced the line of Arista in 905 and reigned in Navarre until 1234.

No record of his wife remains, although historian Justo P√©rez de Urbel has suggested that he was the unnamed prince of Pamplona to whom princess Leodegundia Ordo√Īez of Le√≥n married[5]. Two children are documented for Jimeno, and another two have been suggested:[6]

  • Garc√≠a Jim√©nez, who apparently succeeded him
  • √ć√Īigo Jim√©nez, named as brother of Garc√≠a Jim√©nez in the C√≥dice de Roda[7].
  • Vela Jim√©nez, founder of the Vela clan, the connection is not directly attested, but has been speculated based primarily in his patronymic, geography and chronology.
  • Oneca, wife of Galician count Diego Fernandez, having (with others) children Jimeno and Leodegundia, this identification is linked to the P√©rez de Urbel hypothesis that Leodegundia Ordo√Īez was wife of Jimeno, but others assign Oneca other parentage.
Preceded by
Co- or Sub-king in Pamplona
Succeeded by
García Jiménez




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