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G.I. Joe character
Jinx (in black) without her mask
(Promotional Cover to G.I.Joe: Special Missions: Tokyo (c) Devil's Due)
Affiliation G.I. Joe
Specialty Ninja/Intelligence (1987)
Covert Infiltration Specialist (2004)
File name TOP SECRET (1987)
Classified (2004)
Kimi Arashikage (Special Missions: Tokyo)
Birthplace Los Angeles, CA
SN 037-42-4683 (1987)
037-42-UK83 (2003)
Classified (2004)
Rank E-5
Primary MOS Intelligence
Secondary MOS Finance Clerk
Subgroups Tiger Force (2004)
Voiced by Shûko Akune (Original)
Venus Terzo (Venom vs. Valor)
Lisa Ortiz (Sigma Six)
Year introduced 1987

Jinx is a fictional character from the toy, comic and cartoon series, G.I. Joe. She appears as a member of the cast in two series, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero and G.I. Joe: Sigma 6.

Jinx is one of only a handful of G.I. Joe team members whose real name is withheld from public knowledge. Her newest profile in G.I. Joe Special Missions Tokyo reveals her name to be Kimi Arashikage, cousin of Tommy Arashikage (Storm Shadow). However, it states that Kimi may be a nickname.[1]

Her file card states that she hails from Los Angeles, California and is a Bryn Mawr graduate. She had been studying martial arts since she was seven. On a trip to Japan, she discovered her familiar ties to a ninja clan. She has since been recruited by Snake Eyes, a fellow ninja and member of the G.I. Joe Team. She then underwent training with the Blind Master, a ranking ninja sensei.


Hasbro Toys - A Real American Hero

Jinx's first appearance was in the 1987 edition of the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero toyline. She has since been renamed Agent Jinx. She, like many of the female G.I.Joe characters has had a very small number of action figures produced. As of 2006, she only has one 3 and 3/4 inch figure named Jinx, and two 3 and 3/4 inch figures named Agent Jinx. The latest figure created actually reveals her face, however, her real name is still classified. It is believed that the red blindfold carried by her 2004 figure was meant to be a nod to her appearance in 1987's G.I. Joe: The Movie.

Comics appearance

Marvel Comics

In the Marvel Comics G.I. Joe series, Jinx first appeared in G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #59 (May 1987).[2] The details of her origin indicated in the file card is not fully explored, however, the Blind Master is present in the comics storyline. She is tasked with recruiting the amnesiac Billy (Cobra Commander’s son) away from his father. In the series, it is revealed that she is a cousin of Storm Shadow.

Her next major role in a storyline was rescuing the captured Joe Team members from Borovia’s gulags in issue #66. [3] In subsequent appearances, she helps the Joes clear their name in the scandal that follows the Cobra Civil War. This involves working with ex Joe members like Grunt and other Joes who are officially fugitives, such as Roadblock. The entire Joe team raids an enemy-filled hospital to save the lives of General Hawk and Hollingsworth. Destro himself provides the final 'nail in the coffin' that clears the Joes. [4]

Jinx works with a small team of Joes to stop a hostage situation in Frankfurt, Germany. [5]

She reunites Billy with his mother. This begins with Jinx being taken 'hostage' by Billy's mother, a situation which Jinx was in control over the entire time. Ultimately everyone calms down and a somewhat more peaceful reuinion is had.

She also battles remnants of the Arashikage clan. She became a member of the G.I. Joe special team, Ninja Force, and continued serving until G.I. Joe was disbanded.

Issue #65 began using the design based on her unmasked appearance in the animated film, G.I. Joe: The Movie.

Reinstatement - Devil's Due

In the first four issues of the G.I. Joe comics published by Devil’s Due Publishing, it is revealed that she spent the years that followed using her skills in intelligence-gathering to become a bounty hunter in Tokyo. Fellow Joe teammate Budo followed her and they became lovers, despite their contradicting backgrounds (Budo is a samurai). She rejoined G.I. Joe when the team was reinstated to battle a revived Cobra. At one point, she spies on a group of Dreadnoks purchasing a nuclear weapon. [6] Later she is part of an infiltration team sent in to sabotage Cobra Island during the second Cobra civil war. Two members of her team, Flash and Mainframe die while accomplishing the mission. [7] When G.I. Joe commander Hawk was shot in the back by Zartan, the team is disbanded once more.

America’s Elite - Devil's Due

After some time, the G.I. Joe team reformed, but it was a much smaller group of specialists. Although she is not a member of the new team, she serves as a member of the reserves.

Special Missions - Tokyo

Jinx stars in this one-shot comic set in Tokyo. As part of the new Special Missions series, this One-Shot focuses on some of the fan favorite team members that have not been seen since the end of the original series including reservists Wild Bill, Gung Ho, Clutch, Rock N' Roll and Budo.

World War 3

Jinx is called again into active durty to fight off Cobra Commander's world-wide assault. She and Budo joined Kamakura, Bullhorn, Red Spot, and Nunchuk in battling Cobra Forces in China. After Cobra was defeated, Jinx, Budo, and Kamakura joined in celebrations taking place in Beijing.

G.I. Joe: Cobra - IDW Publishing

In the new G.I. Joe reboot done by IDW Publishing, Jinx is Chuckles' only contact with G.I. Joe as he infiltrates the Cobra organization, and is also his love interest. When he gets deeper inside Cobra, she is forced to cut off her meetings with him. However, Cobra catches her at one of their facilities. Chuckles is called in when they discover Jinx had been following him and he is forced to shoot her in order to preserve his cover.[8]

Cartoon versions

A Real American Hero


In the continuity established by Sunbow, her first and only appearance was in G.I. Joe: The Movie where she is established as a member of the Rawhides, a group of G.I. Joe rookie recruits. She is often blamed for any unlucky occurrences and her code name reflects this. She was also Lt. Falcon’s love interest in the film. During a sparring session with Beachhead, she made a reference to her blind ninja master. The climax of the film brought her in mortal combat with Cobra-La’s most lethal member, Pythona. She fights at her best blindfolded, as she was trained in this method by her ninja master, who was blind.


Jinx is absent in the second G.I. Joe animated series that was produced by DiC Entertainment in 1990. Most of the G.I. Joe characters who came out before 1990 did not appear in that series.

G.I. Joe Direct to Video Movies

Spy Troops

Jinx is not a member of the team at this time. This can be attributed to no Jinx figures being present at this time.

Valor vs. Venom

Jinx's next appearance is in the direct-to-video animated film G.I. Joe: Valor vs. Venom which ignores previous animated continuity. Her original background with the Blind Master is not mentioned, instead she is currently undergoing tutelage along with Kamakura under Snake Eyes. She likes to rib her fellow apprentice for his lesser experience. Because of the nature of the movie, it is hard to determine if she is an apprentice for the first time, or is learning a new level of ninja skills as she does seem to be a very seasoned ninja.

Sigma 6

Through the series, G.I. Joe: Sigma 6, she continues the same role she filled in Valor vs. Venom. She is only a reserve member of the Sigma 6 team. It is more apparent in the series that she is an elder student over Kamakura whom she is often partnered with. She maintains the same appearance she has in Valor vs. Venom where she eschews her original ninja gi in favor of a more Oriental look.


Jinx is a supporting character in the novel "Divide and Conquer". As part of the Joe team she works to stop Cobra's newest weapon, a device that could endanger the entire world. [9]


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