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Jo Lupo
Jo Lupo 1.jpg
First appearance "Pilot"
Portrayed by Erica Cerra
Gender Female
Age 29 years old
Occupation Law Enforcement
Title Deputy

Josefina "Jo" Lupo is a character on the American science fiction drama Eureka. She is played by Erica Cerra.


Formerly a U.S. Army Ranger Jo now works as Eureka's town deputy. Jo always has a weapon with her, and goes armed even in situations where weaponry is unnecessary. She also travels almost everywhere in body armor.

She has a love of weapons, and has a varied and powerful collection stored in the station, including several handguns, shotguns, sniper rifles, and assault rifles. She is also unusually strong for her size as she can manhandle almost anyone (male or female) with ease. The residents of the town and their odd experiments try her patience, but those few moments where she gets to shoot something seem to make it worth it. The residents themselves know and trust Jo, despite her blustering. Her personal life, however, leaves something to be desired. When she is not caring for her weapons, Jo can often be seen scanning ads in magazines like Modern Mercenary for possible suitors. In the episode "Alienated", when the victims of the mind-altering signal are being shown individually psychologically tailored "calming" images to help them recover, a teary-eyed Jo's screen shows members of the armed forces during an amphibious assault. In the earlier episodes of the series, she had a tattoo on her upper arm, which was gone in "God is in the Details" for unexplained reasons.

At the end of Season 1 she was 5'7" and 27 years old.

According to the Season 3 premiere, she lives at 60 Fermi Drive.

Personal History

In "Noche de Suenos" Jo reveals to Carter she wanted to be a dancer when she was a young girl. Also in "Noche de Suenos," Jo says she grew up with no mother and three brothers, implying her mother died or left when she was young. However, she was old enough to remember the costumes her mother made for her for various roles in school plays. Due to her experiences growing up in a presumably all-male household, Jo claims she had to "learn to survive" and abandoned her ambitions to dance.

Personal relationships

In Season 1, Jo is single, though she has made no comment about it. Jo also appears to be quite fond of Jim Taggart, Eureka's "biological containment specialist" ("Primal"). This relationship developed to the point where they started a romantic relationship ("House Rules"). This lasted until 2010 ("Once In A Lifetime"). However, that timeline was erased in ("Phoenix Rising"), and in the new timeline, Jo demonstrates regret over making out with him. She seems sickened when Zoe reminds her Jo and Taggart's age difference is the same as Zoe's and her dad.

Despite initial antagonism, she is friendly with Zoe Carter, daughter of former Marshal and current Sheriff Jack Carter. Though she initially resents Carter for being assigned to the sheriff's post over her head, she eventually comes to have a playfully antagonistic friendship and working partnership with him, somewhat akin to a brother/sister dynamic. She is visibly touched by his get-well gift of ballet shoes in ("Noche de Suenos").

It appears she had a romantic relationship with Callister Raynes, who was in fact a robot created by Stark. ("Right as Raynes").

Global Dynamics employee Douglas Fargo has demonstrated multiple times he has a crush on her, to which she has responded with disinterest. She is appalled to discover in "Noche de Suenos" she has had a romantic, Zorro-themed dream about him, but is notably appreciative of his request to stay with her when she temporarily loses the use of her legs later in the same episode.

In the Season 2 episode 10 "God Is In The Details", Jo goes on a Sunday brunch date with Zane Donovan (who first appeared in "E=MC...?"). This seems to become a budding romance, though some problems arise later ("Maneater"). Also during that episode, Jo finally kisses him. During the episode "From Fear to Eternity" some misunderstandings arise threatening the relationship, but at the end of episode, Jo and Zane reconcile and decide to give it a try. In Season 3.5, Zane tells Jo he loves her and, after a pause, she replies that she loves him too ("Ship Happens").

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