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Joan I
Seal of Joan I
Queen of Navarre; Countess of Champagne
Reign 1274-1305
Predecessor Henry I
Successor Louis I
Queen consort of France
Reign 1285 – 1305
Spouse Philip IV of France
Louis X of France
Philip V of France
Charles IV of France
Isabella, Queen of England
House House of Champagne
Father Henry I of Navarre
Mother Blanche of Artois
Born 14 January 1271(1271-01-14)
Died 4 April 1305 (aged 34)

Joan I (also known as Joanna I; 17 April 1271 – 4 April 1305), the daughter of king Henry I of Navarre and Blanche of Artois, reigned as queen regnant of Navarre and also served as queen consort of France.



In 1274, upon the death of her father, she became Countess of Champagne and Queen regnant of Navarre. Her mother Queen Blanche was her guardian and regent in Navarre. Various powers, both foreign and Navarrese, sought to take advantage of the minority of the heiress and the "weakness" of the female regent, which caused Joan and her mother to seek protection at the court of Philip III of France.

At the age of 13, Joan married the future Philip IV of France on 16 August 1284, becoming queen of France a year later. Their three surviving sons would all become kings of France, in turn, and their only surviving daughter queen consort of England. Queen Joan founded the famous College of Navarre in Paris.

Joan led an army against the Count of Bar when he rebelled against her.

Joan died in 1305 in childbirth, though one chronicler even accused her husband of having killed her. Her personal physician was the inventor Guido da Vigevano.


With Philip IV of France:

  1. Margaret (1288–c.1294)
  2. Louis X of France, King Louis I of Navarre from 1305, France from 1314 (October, 1289 – 5 June 1316)
  3. Blanche (1290–c.1294)
  4. Philip V of France and Navarre (as Philip II) (1292/93 – 3 January 1322)
  5. Charles IV of France and Navarre (as Charles I) (c.1294 – 1 February 1328)
  6. Isabella (c.1295 – 23 August 1358), married Edward II of England
  7. Robert (1297 – July 1308)


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Henry I/III
Queen of Navarre
1274 – 1305
With: Philip I
Succeeded by
Louis I
Countess of Champagne
1274 – 1305
French royalty
Preceded by
Maria of Brabant
Queen consort of France
1285 – 1305
Succeeded by
Margaret of Burgundy


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