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The names "Joe Bloggs" and "Fred Bloggs" are commonly used as placeholder names in United Kingdom and Australian teaching, programming, and other thinking and writing. The surname Bloggs on its own is sometimes used in the same way. Fred alone can be a programming placeholder (Due to its letters being close together on the standard QWERTY keyboard). Other placeholders (eg in advertisements for store cards/credit cards) sometimes used are Mr/Mrs A Smith or A. N. Other.

Equivalent American usages to Joe or Fred Bloggs include John Doe, John Q. Public and Joe Schmoe. In Germany Erika Mustermann and Otto Normalverbraucher are used.

In 1985, Shami Ahmed started a clothing company called "The Legendary Joe Bloggs Clothing Company".


Example uses

  • In The Princeton Review standardized test preparation courses, "Joe Bloggs" represents the average test-taker, and students are trained to identify the "Joe Bloggs answer", or the choice which seems right but may be misleading on harder questions.[1]
  • In an episode of the TV series Firefly "Joey Bloggs" is the name of a man Malcolm Reynolds uses as part of a cover story, only to find out Joey Bloggs is Miss Khouris' best friend and killed himself several months earlier. The show's Anglophile creator Joss Whedon possibly included it as a joke.

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Joe Bloggs

  1. (chiefly British) a personification of the general public, or of an average ordinary person
    • Note: Bloggs is actually a very rare surname.


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