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Joe "King" Carrasco (born Joe Teusch in Dumas, Texas) is a Tex-Mex "new wave" musical artist, based in Austin, Texas. He is most widely known as part of "Joe 'King' Carrasco and the Crowns".

He founded the band "Joe 'King' Carrasco and El Molino" in Texas in the late 70s. Their album, Tex-Mex Rock & Roll, was self-released and later picked up by Big Beat Records. Joe "King" Carrasco and El Molino appeared at the now-infamous Raul's club, opening for the Reversible Cords in 1979.

As "Joe 'King' Carrasco and the Crowns", Carrasco and his band released a self-titled album on Stiff Records in 1981, and followed that same year with another self-titled album on Hannibal Records.[1] They then signed with major label MCA Records, releasing Synapse Gap in 1982 (with harmonies by Michael Jackson on one song), and Party Weekend in 1983.[1] The band's most successful single was the title song from the Party Weekend album, a song had been released earlier as a single.

In the mid 1980s Carrasco moved to Nicaragua to study for several years, writing songs with a political flavor. Later his music style, adding influences from cumbia and reggae, evolved into what he calls "tequila reggae".[2]


Stage Name

He adopted the surname of drug kingpin Fred Gomez Carrasco, who died during the 1974 Huntsville Prison Siege.[3]


Joe King Carrasco & El Molino (1978, Lisa Records)
  1. "Jalapeno con Big Red"
  2. "Mezcal Road"
  3. "Black Cloud"
  4. "Tell Me"
  5. "I'm A Fool To Care"
  6. "Rock Esta Noche"
  7. "Funky Butt"
  8. "Every Woman"
  9. "Please Mr. Sandman"
  10. "Just a Mile Away"
Tales of the Crypt (1979, Rior Records)
  1. "Buena"
  2. "Caca de Vaca"
  3. "Tears Been Falling"
  4. "Morning Coffee"
  5. "Wild 14"
  6. "One More Time"
  7. "Sweet Little Rock N Roller"
  8. "That's the Love"
  9. "Let's Get Pretty"
  10. "Betty's World"
  11. "Federales"
  12. "Monkey Got My Frisbee "
Joe "King" Carrasco & The Crowns (1980, Indio Records/Recovery Recordings)
  1. "Nowhere Else But San Antonio"
  2. "Let's Get Pretty"
Party Safari (1981, Hannibal Records)
  1. "Bad Rap"
  2. "Gin Baby Gin"
  3. "That's the Love"
  4. "Ta U La Ou Va. "
Joe King Carrasco & The Crowns (1981, Hannibal Records USA)
  1. "Houston El Mover"
  2. "Gimme Sody, Judy"
  3. "Bad, Bad Girls"
  4. "Buena"
  5. "Betty's World"
  6. "I Get My Kicks on You"
  7. "One More Time"
  8. "Don't Bug Me Baby"
  9. "Nervoused Out"
  10. "Caca de Vaca"
  11. "Party Doll"
  12. "Federales"
  13. "Let's Get Pretty"
Joe King Carrasco & The Crowns (1980, Stiff Records Europe)
  1. "Buena"
  2. "Betty's World"
  3. "I Get My Kicks on You"
  4. "One More Time"
  5. "Don't Bug Me Baby"
  6. "Nervoused Out"
  7. "Caca de Vaca"
  8. "Susan Friendly"
  9. "Party Doll"
  10. "Federales/Wild 14"
  11. "Let's Get Pretty"
Synapse Gap (1982, MCA Records)
  1. "Imitations Class"
  2. "Person - Person"
  3. "Don't Let a Woman"
  4. "Where We At"
  5. "Senor Lover"
  6. "Wanna Get That Feel"
  7. "Bad Rap"
  8. "Front Me Some Love"
  9. "Rip It Up-Shake It Up"
  10. "That's The Love"
  11. "Man Overboard"
Party Weekend (1983, MCA Records)
  1. "Let's Go"
  2. "Dance Republic"
  3. "Kantina"
  4. "Get Off"
  5. "Buena"
  6. "Tears Been A-Falling"
  7. "Party Weekend"
  8. "Let's Go Nutz"
  9. "Lupe"
  10. "Perfect Spot"
  11. "Burnin' It Down"
  12. "Gracias"
Bordertown (1985, Big Beat Records USA)
  1. "Escondido"
  2. "Hola Coca Cola"
  3. "Who Buy The Guns"
  4. "Are You Amigo"
  5. "Put Me in Jail"
  6. "Mr. Bogota"
  7. "Walk It Like You Talk It"
  8. "Current Events"
  9. "Cucaracha Taco"
  10. "Baby Let's Go To Mexico"
  11. "Vamos A Bailar"
  12. "Tamale Baby"
Bordertown (1985, New Rose Records (Europe)
  1. "Manana"
  2. "Yabba Ding Ding"
  3. "Dinero"
  4. "Escondido"
  5. "Hola Coca Cola"
  6. "Who Buy The Guns"
  7. "Put Me in Jail"
  8. "Mr. Bogota"
  9. "Walk It Like You Talk It"
  10. "Current Events"
  11. "Vamos A Bailar"
  12. "Tamale Baby"
Bandido Rock (1987, Rior Records)
  1. "Juarez and Zapata"
  2. "Pachuco Hop"
  3. "Bandido Rock"
  4. "Arriba Sandino"
  5. "Hey Gringo "No Pasaran
  6. "Banana"
  7. "Chicano Town"
  8. "Dame Tu Nook Nook"
  9. "Kry Tuff"
  10. "Fuera Yanqui"
Royal Loyal & Live (1990, Royal Texacali Records)
  1. "Hey Joe"
  2. "96 Tears"
  3. "Do It Up"
  4. "Breakdown The Border"
  5. "Baby Let's Go To Mexico"
  6. "Don't Push Your Suerte"
  7. "Manan"
  8. "Sweetness is My Weakness"
  9. "Parti Weekend"
  10. "No Problema"
  11. "Having A Ball"
  12. "Salsa Perfecto"
  13. "Don't Let "
Dia De Los Muertos (1993, Royal Texacali Records)
  1. "Chihuahua"
  2. "Vi Va Vi Va Va Va Voom"
  3. "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"
  4. "El Arroyo"
  5. "Last Call For Love"
  6. "One Love Beat of My Heart"
  7. "Vera Cruz"
  8. "Tocame"
  9. "Break Down The Border"
  10. "Care To Explain"
  11. "Easy Goin'"
  12. "Pacha Mama"
  13. "Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia"
Anthology (1995, MCA records)
  • This is a compilation CD set including all songs from Synapse Gap and Party Weekend.
Hot Sun (1999, Anaconda records)
  1. "Hot Sun"
  2. "Ca Ru Cu Pa"
  3. "Hasta Manana"
  4. "Cool Casa Rockin'"
  5. "Take With One Hand"
  6. "Yo Soy Tuyo"
  7. "There is a Rain Forest"
  8. "Donna do You Wanna"
  9. "On Top of a Teardrop"
  10. "Karmalita"
  11. "Adios Amor"
  12. "Coco Bongo"
  13. "Puesta Del Sol"
  14. "Good Thing"


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