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Prince of Asturias
Spouse Archduchess Margaret of Austria
House House of Trastámara
Father Ferdinand II of Aragon
Mother Isabella I of Castile
Born 28 June 1478(1478-06-28)
Died 4 October 1497 (aged 19)
Castilian and Leonese royalty
House of Trastámara
Escudo Corona de Castilla.png

Henry II
Children include
   John I
   Eleanor, Queen of Navarre
John I
Children include
   Henry III
   Ferdinand I of Aragon, Valencia and Sicily
Henry III and II of Leon
Children include
   John II
   Maria, Queen of Aragon, Valencia, Sicily and Naples
John II
Children include
   Henry IV
   Isabella I
   Alfonso, Prince of Asturias
Henry IV and III of Leon
   Joan, Queen of Portugal
Isabella I with Ferdinand V
   Isabella, Queen of Portugal
   John, Prince of Asturias
   Joanna the Mad
   Maria, Queen of Portugal
   Catherine, Queen of England

John, Prince of Asturias, (Seville, 28 June 1478 – 4 October 1497) was the only son of Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon who survived to adulthood.

Isabella and Ferdinand, together with their cousin, Duke Francis II of Brittany, planned the alliance of their respective heirs, John and Anne, but didn't eventually pursue this project, perhaps because of John's poor constitution.

At the age of 18 John married Archduchess Margaret of Austria (1480-1530) in the Cathedral of Burgos in April, 1497. Six months later, on the way to the wedding of his older sister in Portugal, he died in Salamanca, possibly from tuberculosis. His wife was left pregnant and later gave birth to a stillborn child. John's death, followed closely by those of his elder sister Isabella and her only child led to the inheritance of the Spanish kingdoms by the Habsburgs, descendants of his younger sister Joanna, who had married the Archduchess Margaret's brother, Philip the Handsome.

In 1492, Columbus named the newly discovered island of Cuba Isla Juana in deference to Prince Juan, at that time the heir apparent.[1]


John's ancestors in three generations'
Juan of Aragon Father:
Ferdinand II of Aragon
Paternal Grandfather:
John II of Aragon
Paternal Great-Grandfather:
Ferdinand I of Aragon
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Eleanor of Alburquerque
Paternal Grandmother:
Juana Enríquez
Paternal Great-Grandfather:
Frederick Henriques, Conde de Melgar
Paternal Great-Grandmother:
Mariana de Córdoba
Isabella I of Castile
Maternal Grandfather:
John II of Castile
Maternal Great-Grandfather:
Henry III of Castile
Maternal Great-Grandmother:
Katherine of Lancaster
Maternal Grandmother:
Infanta Isabel of Portugal
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Infante João of Portugal
Maternal Great-Grandmother:
Isabella of Braganza
Francisco Pradilla Ortiz's painting "Cortejo del bautizo del Príncipe Don Juan, hijo de los Reyes Católicos, por las calles de Sevilla" (Retinue of the Baptism of Don Juan, son of the Catholic Monarchs, Along the Streets of Seville), 1910


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John, Prince of Asturias
Born: 28 June 1478 Died: 4 October 1497
Preceded by
Princess Isabella
Prince of Asturias
Succeeded by
Princess Isabella


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