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John "Beatz" Holohan (March 15, 1973 - October 31, 2005) was a drummer raised in Long Island NY who gained his nickname from 80's rapper Big Daddy Kane, worked as a band director for the Saint John's University pep band and participated in many bands although he is best known for his work in the alternative rock group Bayside from 2004 until his death in 2005. Holohan's only release with Bayside was their self titled album in 2004. On October 31, 2005, at approximately 3:13 AM in Cheyenne, Wyoming, after leaving their Boulder, Colorado show, the band's vehicle hit a patch of ice, skidded off the road, and flipped over. Holohan was killed and Bayside bassist Nick Ghanbarian was seriously injured. Bandmates Anthony and Jack escaped with minor injuries.[citation needed]

An acoustic album was recorded in memory of Holohan and released on February 28, 2006. This album features the track "Winter" which was written specifically for Holohan. The band spent only 2 days at the Chicago Recording Company recording the record, which would go on to peak at #200 on the Billboard Top 200.[citation needed]

Several other bands recorded and released songs about Holohan and his untimely death. The Sleeping, good friends and touring mates of Bayside, wrote and released the song "Heart Beatz" on their album Questions and Answers, released in early 2006. Punchline's song "They look like Strong Hands" features the lyrics "Ain't nobody gonna bring me down/'Cause my boy John Beatz got my back." On Silverstein's album Arrivals and Departures, the song "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" references Beatz as a close friend and a great guy as Silverstein's close relationship with him and all of Bayside, as they have toured together extensively and were on tour together, along with post-hardcore band Hawthorne Heights at the time of Holohan's death. The Post-Hardcore band Aiden also dedicated the acoustic song "Silent Eyes" from their EP Rain In Hell to the memory of Beatz. I Am The Avalanche also dedicated a song to "Beatz" on their song "Mrs. Green", a new song they perform.[citation needed]

Anthony Raneri, Bayside's guitarist/vocalist, stated in an interview: “On Halloween I lost my best friend, big brother, mentor, and band mate. I find a lot of comfort in knowing that I had a best friend, big brother, mentor, and band mate in the first place, when so many people will never know what it is like to have someone as magical as Beatz in their lives. I'm so lucky for that and so lucky that I survived this thing to tell everyone about him. He will live forever in all of our hearts and in the music he created so passionately.”[citation needed]

The Pittsburgh band Punchline recognized Beatz at many shows following his death. In a remembrance effort the band also held a raffle at a local show benefiting those close to him. The band recently released an acoustic track entitled "A Trip To The Other Side" sometimes referred to as "Beatz Song" as a tribute to him.


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