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John Doe
John Doe (TV series).jpg
John Doe opening titles
Genre Drama
Science fiction
Created by Brandon Camp
Mike Thompson
Starring Dominic Purcell
John Marshall Jones
Jayne Brook
Sprague Grayden
William Forsythe
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 21 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Brandon Camp
Mimi Leder
Mike Thompson
Running time 44 minutes
Original channel Fox
Original run September 20, 2002 (2002-09-20) – April 25, 2003 (2003-04-25)

John Doe is an American science fiction television series that aired on Fox during the 2002–2003 TV season.



"I woke up in an island off the coast of Seattle. I didn't know how I got there ... or who I was. But I did seem to know everything else. There were things about me I didn't understand ... the brand, being colorblind, extreme claustrophobia. And while my gifts provided answers for others, I still search for my own. My name is John Doe."

In the opening scene of the series' pilot episode, a mysterious man wakes up on an island off the coast of Seattle, Washington, naked, with absolutely no memory of who he is or how he got there. However, apart from the details of his own past, "John Doe", as he comes to call himself, seems to have access to the sum total of all human knowledge: he knows how many dimples are on a golf ball, the population of Morocco, and other such obscure (and not-so-obscure) facts. He also has expert knowledge on everything from the stock market to computers. Over the course of the series John attempts to find clues about his past by using his unusual ability while also helping people in need. In the process it becomes clear that an international conspiracy known as the Phoenix Organization is watching John's every move.

Who is John Doe?

After the show was canceled, one of its producers revealed the secret of the main character's true identity in an interview with TV Guide: the Phoenix Organization, he said, was a group conducting research into near-death experiences. They believed that the sum total of knowledge in the universe would be conferred upon them at the moment of death, so they killed John and brought him back to life in order to gain access to that knowledge.

The show's final episode revealed that a close friend of John's was in fact the true leader of the Phoenix Organization.

An explanation of Doe's identity was eventually put forward by the show's producers in the pages of Entertainment Weekly. The article read, in part:

Where We Left Off: Doe was helping the police solve crimes and being tracked by a seemingly nefarious group called the Phoenix Organization. He finally unmasked the big bad, a villain nicknamed Stocking Cap -- his friend, Digger (played by William Forsythe)!
What Would Have Happened: Make that someone who looked like John's friend. The villain unmasked in the finale was actually just a Phoenix member with some fancy facial reconstruction. Turns out, the Phoenix believed Doe was the Messiah and its members were actually protecting Doe from a second group, which wanted him dead. The truth: Doe was injured in a boating accident. That mark on his chest? A scar left by a piece of shrapnel from the explosion. His Überbrain? A by-product of transcending his body during a near-death experience, traveling to a spiritual plane where all the universe's questions are answered.
So Who is John Doe?! "You'd think we actually would have come up with his name," the show's producer revealed. "We have no idea," he finally admitted, before adding "Fred."[1]
  • On the popular weekly podcast Diggnation, Alex Albrecht said he was given a reason for the black and white vision, as well as all of the knowledge John Doe had. It was said that when you reach the gates of heaven, you are given the answer to every question you'll ever ask or that will ever be asked. And the reason for the black-and-white vision was an effect of being returned to earth.


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