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John Kennedy O'Connor (born 1964) is an author, entertainment and political commentator, based in the United States. Born in North London, United Kingdom, he has written, reported and broadcast for numerous media organizations, as well as writing, creating and producing media events for a number of international corporations all over the world.[1] In 2005, Carlton Books published his book The Eurovision Song Contest - The Official History, in conjunction with the European Broadcasting Union, initially produced in English, German, French, Swedish, Dutch and Danish editions, with a separate English publication in Australia [2]. A Finnish version followed in 2007 as did a Russian version in 2009.[3] The book has been updated, expanded and reprinted three times in the UK, the 2007 edition published by Carlton Books, UK, in April of that year. ISBN 978-1-84442-994-3. The first edition of the book, published to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, was listed in the Top 10 book sales of both Amazon UK and Amazon Germany in May 2005, after being featured during the broadcast during an inset with the contest hosts Maria Efrosinina and Pavlo Shylko.

Since 2008, O'Connor has been the American correspondent for digital station Gaydar Radio [4] in the UK, reporting for the Neil and Debbie Breakfast Show[5]. During Eurovision 2009 season, he also covered live reports for the station on gay issues in Moscow. He reported for Sky News on the gay march held on May 17, 2009 in the Russian capital. O'Connor has regularly reported for the UK TV channel Sky News and for Fox News in New York [6] and ERT in Athens to the UK,[7] and has been a guest on BBC World News and BBC News 24 on TV [8] and “Today” on BBC Radio 4 with John Humphrys, BBC Radio 2's Steve Wright in the Afternoon with host Steve Wright and actress Brooke Shields on Radio. He has also contributed to many other BBC Radio programmes, including BBC Radio 5 Live, The Big Toe Show on BBC Radio 7, BBC Radio Scotland, numerous local BBC Radio stations including guest spots with Nicky Campbell, Judi Spiers, Richard Bacon, Paul Henley, Ted Robbins, Liz Kershaw and featured on the BBC World Service and LBC Radio. UK Channel 4's Jon Snow interviewed O'Connor live from Chicago when news of a scandal relating to the Eurovision Song Contest 1968 broke in May 2008.[9]

In Ireland, he has guested on Key 101 FM Radio with Eurovision winners Dana and Paul Harrington, RTE1's Rattlebag, Newstalk Radio and regularly contributes to BBC Radio Ulster.

In May 2009, O'Connor was the featured guest on “Russia Today's” interview TV programme, Spotlight, timed to coincide with the release of his first Russian language book.[10]. The same week, he guested on BBC World Service's daily magazine show Europe Today, hosted by Paul Henley, and the Maltese TV magazine show Xarabank, all broadcast live from Moscow, Russia.

In Australia, O'Connor has become a regular contributor to various ABC Radio National programmes, including the now defunct Perspective programme, hosted by producer Sue Clark, providing commentary on British and International Politics as well as popular culture issues.[11] Amongst other stories, O'Connor reported on the underlying racism of the 2008 US General Election, Gordon Brown's accession as British Prime Minister and the international media coverage of the Australian federal election, 2007, for the programme.[12] He has also regularly appears on ABC's Radio National Breakfast Show with Fran Kelly and many local radio stations in Australia and was the featured guest on an hour long special on the Triple J ABC station.

In 2006, O'Connor was featured in the UK editions of Metro for their "60 Seconds Interview" column.[13] In 2007, O'Connor contributed on camera items for both the Associated Press and Reuters for broadcast, in addition to video spots on AOL's Big Story. Online, he has been interviewed by [14] and [15] about the Eurovision Song Contest.

O'Connor's written work has been published in the United Kingdom in (amongst others) the Sunday Express, Daily Mail, Radio Times, Private Eye, Northern Woman and The News of the World. In the United States, he had a syndicated column originating in San Francisco, primarily published in Playlands magazine, a local guide to entertainment and has been interviewed by The Guardian,[16] The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The San Jose Mercury News, The Houston Chronicle and other American daily papers. He has been profiled in Meetings & Conventions Magazine.

O'Connor is a graduate of the University of London, with a BA in Political Science [10] and also an Associate of the Associated Guild of Dance and Drama.


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