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John Lesch

Member of the Minnesota House of Representatives
from the 66A district
In office
2002 -

Born January 15, 1973 (1973-01-15) (age 37)
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
Political party Democratic Farmer Labor Party
Residence Saint Paul, Minnesota
Alma mater Saint Louis University
Hamline University
Occupation Attorney
Religion Roman Catholic

John Lesch (born January 15, 1973) is a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives and a prosecuting attorney for the city of Saint Paul. Lesch has served as representative for District 66A since 2002. The district includes portions of the city of Saint Paul in Ramsey County.



Lesch attended St. Louis University, graduating with degrees in philosophy and psychology, and later a law degree from Hamline University. Through high school and college, he spent three years at the seminary with the Redemptorists Order of Catholic Priests and Brothers.

Before running for the Minnesota House of Representatives, Lesch interned for former Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) Representative Andy Dawkins in 1997 and 1998. He worked on several campaigns and chaired the DFL Senate District 66 from 2000 to 2002. Lesch was also a legislative aid to former St. Paul Council member and now Mayor Chris Coleman. When Representative Tom Osthoff announced his retirement in 2002, Lesch decided to run for the House.[1] On October 8, 2009 it was announced that Lesch had joined the Minnesota National Guard.[2]

Trip to Iraq

In February 2006, John Lesch traveled to Iraq, paying his own way for the trip. His plans to blog the trip soon leaked to the press and became a several day news story. Lesch received substantial criticism about his trip, including for speculation as to his whereabouts when he left the country after approximately one week in Baghdad.

Paul Demko of City Pages reported, ""While it is true that most folks would choose more stable settings for their vacation, I believe the Iraq war is the seminal conflict for our age," Lesch wrote in announcing his departure. "What happens there today will affect many generations of Americans and Iraqis, and I seek to learn as much as possible in a short amount of time." Lesch's mission sounds a wee bit like that of Farris Hassan, the 16-year-old Florida rich kid who traveled to Iraq by himself and turned up at the Associated Press office inside the Green Zone. "[3]

But Lesch was unapologetic when he returned.[4]

Dangerous dog legislation

In June 2007, Representative Lesch called for a ban on certain breeds of dogs in the State of Minnesota, including, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, Akitas and Chow Chows. Violating the proposed law, by owning one of these dogs, would be a misdemeanor, punishable by up to 90 days and jail and $1,000 fines.

Lesch said, "We're attempting to nip it in the bud ahead of time. You never hear stories about roving packs of Golden Retrievers attacking children, but you hear about the pit bulls," he said. [5]

Several animal welfare groups opposed Lesch's plan. Animal Ark said on their site opposing the bill, "Representative John Lesch has announced plans to introduce a bill that would ban 5 breeds of dogs, any mixes of those breeds, or any dogs "displaying characteristics" of those breeds. This bill will not result in any reduction in dog bites. It will result in extreme hardship for any family whose dog may be taken from them for purely ambiguous reasons.[6] A Rotta Love Plus Minnesota, a Rottweiler and Pit Bull rescue organization, notes that the problem is dog behavior, which can be traced to irresponsible owners: merely enforcing existing dog-laws would solve that problem, directly, rather than identifying and singling out specific breeds to ban.[5]

Rumors of Senate Campaign

In February 2007, Lesch stated he was considering running for the United States Senate seat held by Norm Coleman.[7] Nothing came from the rumors and no campaign announcement was ever made.

Electoral history

2008 Minnesota Legislature - House District 66A[8]
Party Candidate Votes Percentage
DFL John Lesch 9,001 76.8 %%
Republican Gilbert A. Higuera 2,665 22.7 %%
2006 Minnesota Legislature - House District 66A[9]
Party Candidate Votes Percentage
DFL John Lesch 6,007 77.5 %%
Republican David R Buehler 1,712 22.1 %%
2004 Minnesota Legislature - House District 66A[10]
Party Candidate Votes Percentage
DFL John Lesch 8,850 74.6 %%
Republican Greg Copeland 1,712 22.1 %%
2002 Minnesota Legislature - House District 66A[11]
Party Candidate Votes Percentage
DFL John Lesch 6,489 71.5 %%
Republican Greg Copeland 2,550 28.1 %%


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