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John Sweeney
Born 1956

John Thomas Sweeney (born 1956) was sous-chef at the restaurant Ma Maison. He dated American actress Dominique Dunne in 1982 and killed her by strangulation after a domestic dispute on October 30, 1982. Dunne went into a coma and died a few days later. He was convicted of voluntary manslaughter for her death and received a prison sentence in November 1983 of six and one-half years. He was released after serving four and one-half years because time served before his conviction was subtracted from his sentence.

Upon his release, he was hired as a chef at a restaurant in Santa Monica, California. However, Dunne's family publicly protested his employment, and he was subsequently fired.

Dunne's late father, journalist and author Dominick Dunne, once said he hired private investigator Anthony Pellicano to follow and report upon Sweeney because of his frustration at the short prison term. According to Dunne, the last information he had was that Sweeney had changed his name to John Maura, moved to the Pacific Northwest, and found employment again as a chef.[1][2][3][4] Dunne said he ultimately determined he did not want to spend his life consumed by this pursuit and had no further information regarding Sweeney's current activities. Sweeney's present whereabouts are unknown.


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