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Assorted flavors of Jolly Ranchers.
Jolly Ranchers.

Jolly Rancher is a brand of candy, including hard candy,[1] gummies, fruit chews, jellybeans, lollipops, and sodas.[2]

The product was originally produced by the Jolly Rancher Company, founded in 1949 by Bill and Dorothy Harmsen of Golden, Colorado.[1] The Jolly Rancher Company made ice cream, chocolate and candy sold at several "Ranch Maid Ice Cream" stores in the Denver area.[1] The name was meant to suggest western hospitality.[1]

Jolly Rancher began concentrating on hard candies as sales grew. In 1951, production was eventually moved from Golden to Wheat Ridge, Colorado.[3] In 1966, the Harmsens sold the company to Beatrice Foods.[1] In 1983, the Jolly Rancher Candy Company was purchased from Beatrice Foods by Leaf Candy Company. Huhtamaki, a global consumer and specialty packaging company originating from Finland, in turn bought Leaf, and in 1996, sold it to Hershey Foods Corporation.[1] Production in Colorado ceased in October 2002.[4] All of the machinery in the factory was auctioned off two months later[5] and the factory demolished in March 2005. The candies are now manufactured in plants in Mississauga and Smith Falls, both in Ontario, Canada.[6][7] Jolly Rachers come in the flavors grape, cherry, watermelon, apple, blue raspberry and cinnamon fire


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