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Jonathan Bernis
Born December 1, 1959 (1959-12-01) (age 50)
Pittsford, New York, U.S.
Occupation clergyman, television personality, evangelist, public speaker, columnist
Jonathan Bernis
Born December 1, 1959(1959-12-01)
Church Messianic Jewish
Title Presiding Rabbi, Jewish Voice Int'l Ministries
President, Jewish Alliance for Israel
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Jonathan Bernis (born December 1, 1959 in Pittsford, New York) is an American rabbi of Messianic Judaism, an evangelist, and a television personality who hosts a television program called Jewish Voice Today which airs weekly on Christian television throughout the United States and worldwide.[1] It must be noted that although Mr Bernis presents himself as a rabbi, there is no record that he has received the formal training from a Jewish seminary which is the prerequisite customarily associated with this honorific.[2]



Early life and career

Jonathan was brought up in the affluent Rochester, New York suburb of Pittsford. In school growing up he was known as an amiable and personable lad who got on well with both teachers and fellow students. He was a smart enough fellow and achieved moderate academic success by graduation, though he was the type who it was said of "doesnt always apply himself". This was especially true by the time he reached Pittsford Mendon High School and fell in with the Marijuana smoking crowd. In his last year of high school, he gained fame hosting "Bernie's Party" a bacchanal quite well regarded not the least of which reason being his parents handed over the keys to their home to him and his older bother and then left town for the weekend!

In college, Jonathan began questioning his faith and studying other ideologies, and he started getting heavily involved in the party lifestyle. As a 20-year-old business major, he says his main goal was "to make a million dollars before age 30". But then he attended a Bible study while still a student and discovered that he was a sinner separated from God according to Romans 3:23. This revelation made Jonathan uncomfortable, because he did not want to change his lifestyle. Despite his initial reticence toward accepting Yeshua as the Messiah, after much study of the Tenakh and the Jewish New Testament, Jonathan decided to give up drugs and devote himself to the call of the Lord. [3]


Jonathan Bernis earned a degree in Jewish Studies (secular) from the University of Buffalo. He then went on to study Archeology & Jewish History (Post Grad) in Israel. He attended Yeshiva through the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations (UMJC) and the International Association of Messianic Jewish Congregations (IAMCS), the two ordaining national organizations (bodies) in the United States. He is formally ordained with the IAMCS (since 1985).

Shema Yisrael Ministry

Rabbi Bernis is the founding Rabbi of Shema Yisrael Messianic Congregation in Rochester, New York, where he served as Senior Messianic Rabbi from 1984-1993. Bernis also founded and pastored the Messianic Center of St. Petersburg, Russia. Rabbi Bernis now travels extensively worldwide, bringing the Gospel to both the Jewish and Gentile Christian community, equipping both with a deeper knowledge of the Jewish roots of their faith and teaching them how to reach Jewish people with the Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus Christ).A highly sought after public speaker, Bernis teaches at conferences and in local churches worldwide. He is a prominent leader in the Messianic Movement. [4]

Christian Alliance for Israel

Bernis serves as the President of Christian Alliance For Israel, a ministry that organizes pro-Israel conferences and seminars to rally Christian support for Israel. Their "Israel's Jubilee" conference held in 1998 to celebrate Israel's 50th anniversary drew more than 10,000 Christians and Jews.


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