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Jonathan Hickman
Born South Carolina
Nationality American
Area(s) Writer, Penciller, Inker, Letterer, Colorist
Notable works The Nightly News
Pax Romana
Secret Warriors
Dark Reign: Fantastic Four
Official website

Jonathan Hickman is an American comic book writer and artist. He is best known for the Image Comics series The Nightly News and currently writes Secret Warriors and Fantastic Four for Marvel Comics.



Hickman was the runner-up in the first Comic Book Idol and went on to draw and write a number of series.

He is the creator of The Nightly News, [1] published under Image, and has also worked on Marvel's Legion of Monsters, on the story N'Kantu, the Living Mummy: MustDie/EatSoul [2][3].

He has also designed covers for Virgin Comics, most significantly Andy Diggle's Guy Ritchie's Gamekeeper [4] and Garth Ennis' Seven Brothers. He also wrote "The Core" for Top Cow's Pilot Season in 2008.

He is currently working on three new projects under Image: Pax Romana [5], Red Mass for Mars, with Ryan Bodenheim,[6][7] Transhuman, with J. M. Ringuet and an ongoing series titled Plus. [8]

He is collaborating with Brian Michael Bendis and editor Tom Brevoort on a new Marvel ongoing series, entitled Secret Warriors[9][10] It follows Nick Fury and a group of superpowered operatives as they undertake espionage operations in the wake of Secret Invasion. Stefano Caselli will be the artist. He will also collaborate with Shuster Award winning artist, Dale Eaglesham on one of Marvel's flagship books, Fantastic Four and with Sean Chen on the limited series Dark Reign: Fantastic Four. He will also be writing another ongoing series for Marvel called Shield.[11]

Hickman mentioned at his website, Pronea, that he would write a column for comic book blog and podcast, iFanboy, at some point in the future[12]. This post was reinforced on episode #119 of iFanboy[13], and again on February 12, 2008 with the launch of their new website.[14] On February 12, 2008 the first edition of Hickman's column, "Concentric Circles" was released.[15]


Comics work includes:

  • The Nightly News (script and art, 6-issue limited series, Image Comics, November 2006 - September 2007)
  • "The Living Mummy" (script and art, in Legion of Monsters: Satana, Marvel Comics, June 2007)
  • "Black Circle White: The Recycle Soul Project" (script and art, in Popgun Volume 1, Image Comics, November 2007)
  • Pax Romana (script and art, 4-issue mini-series, Image Comics, December 2007 - November 2008)
  • Transhuman (script, with art by J. M. Ringuet, 4-issue mini-series, Marvel Comics, March-November 2008)
  • Red Mass for Mars (script, with art by Ryan Bodenheim, 3-issue mini-series, Image Comics, June 2008 - June 2009)
  • Pilot Season: The Core (script, with art by Kenneth Rocafort, one-shot, Top Cow, July 2008)
  • "Secret Warriors: Declaration" (script, with co-author Brian Bendis and art by Stefano Caselli, in Dark Reign: New Nation, one-shot, Marvel Comics, February 2009)
  • "Bobby and Sam in Mojoworld" (script, with art by Nick Pitarra, in Astonishing Tales vol. 2, 6-issue limited series, Marvel Comics, April-September 2009)
  • Secret Warriors (script, with co-author Brian Bendis and art by Stefano Caselli, ongoing series, Marvel Comics, April 2009 - ongoing)
  • Dark Reign: Fantastic Four (script, with Sean Chen, limited series, Marvel Comics, May-September 2009)
  • "Doctor Doom: ...And I'll Get the Land" (script, with Adi Granov, in Dark Reign: The Cabal, one-shot, Marvel Comics, June 2009)
  • Fantastic Four #570- (script, with Dale Eaglesham, ongoing series, Marvel Comics, October 2009 - ongoing)
  • "Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu & Deadpool in: The Annual Race to Benefit Various and Sundry Evil Organizations and Also the Homeless. Now with Beer and Hot Dogs." (script, with art by Kody Chamberlain, in Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu, one-shot, Marvel Comics, November 2009)
  • Dark Reign: The List - Secret Warriors (script, with pencils by Ed McGuinness, one-shot, Marvel Comics, December 2009)
  • Shield (script, with Dustin Weaver, ongoing series, Marvel Comics, forthcoming)




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