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Jono Bacon
Born September 17, 1979 (1979-09-17) (age 30)
Occupation Ubuntu Community Manager

Jono Bacon (full name Jonathan Edward James Bacon[1][2]) is a writer and software developer based in the United Kingdom. Bacon started his work with the Linux community when he created the UK Linux website, Linux UK. When he left this project he moved on to join the KDE team, where he created the KDE::Enterprise website and KDE Usability Study. He has also been involved with helping charities using free software, as well as shaving off his beard for Amnesty International at LugRadio Live 2006. He was a participant in LugRadio and founded Wolverhampton Linux Users' Group. Additionally, he has created a heavy rock version of the Free Software Song.

Until September 1, 2006, Bacon worked for OpenAdvantage, funded by Advantage West Midlands, a Regional Development Agency. As of September 4, 2006, he works for Canonical as the Ubuntu Community Manager.



As a professional journalist, Bacon has written for a variety of publications, including Linux User and Developer, Linux Format, Linux Magazine, MacTech, MacFormat and PC Plus. In addition to these magazines, he has also written a number of books, including "Linux Desktop Hacks", "Building the Perfect Website with PHP and MySQL", "PHP and MySQL Web Applications: Building Eight Dynamic Web Sites" and he also co-wrote "The Official Ubuntu Book" (ISBN 0-13-243594-2) with Benjamin Mako Hill, Corey Burger, and Jonathan Jesse.

Jono has been a regular co-host on FLOSS Weekly starting with episode 69, even filling in for Randal Schwartz when Randal was not available.

Bacon has written a book entitled Art Of Community, published by O'Reilly in 2009,[3] in which he teaches about community building by relating stories from his own community experience.

Public Speaking

Bacon has presented at many events, including: Ohio Linux Fest, Southern California Linux Expo, LinuxWorld, Linux User & Developer Conference, Blender Conference, IBM Linux Migration Seminar, European Friends Of O’Reilly, d:CODE, Association For Free Software Conference, SkyCon, UKUUG Conference West Midlands IT Association, OSS Watch Conference, IBM Developer Workshop, Python UK 2007 (after dinner speech), various LUGs, as well as both the 2005 and 2006 LUGRadio Live events of which he was a principal organiser. He also presented the Keynote at the "10 years KDE" anniversary conference in Ostfildern, Germany.


Bacon is the vocalist and a rhythm guitarist in the "detuned chugging metal band" Seraphidian. His website includes a number of songs that he has recorded separately from the band, including the aforementioned version of the Free Software Song. This is not where the music capabilities end, however. In addition to his music site, RecreantView, Bacon has inspired an audio recording application called Jokosher, named as the name "Jono Bacon" contains "No Bacon", hence the "Kosher" part of the Jokosher name. Bacon makes it clear that he did not name the application, as the community for Jokosher developed it to fulfil a need Jono had. Bacon is part of the development effort and regularly exhibits progress of the application at most Wolverhampton Linux User Group meetings.

In June 2008 Bacon started a new musical project called Severed Fifth. The aim was to produce an album in his home studio and then to distribute the music in new ways. This was an experiment in how musicians can work in the internet era, outside the conventional music industry. The first album Denied By Reign was released October 21st , 2008 and features Heavy metal music styles.[4]


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