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José Luis Garci
Born José Luis García Muñoz
20 January 1944 (1944-01-20) (age 66)
Madrid, Spain
Occupation filmmaker
Years active 1977 - present

José Luis Garci (born as José Luis García Muñoz January 20, 1944 in Madrid, Spain) is a producer, critic, TV presenter, writer, screenwriter and film director in Spanish cinema. Four of his films have been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, more than any other Spanish director. He won an Oscar for Begin the Beguine.


Life and work

Garci gained early experience in cinema by writing scripts and acting. He made his directorial debut in 1970 with El cronicón. After a relative success in a dozen of movies, in 1977 the moviegoers were impressed with Asignatura pendiente (Unfinished Business). Then, Garci earned worldwide recognition in 1982 with Volver a empezar (Begin to Beguine), winner of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Garci's next films include Sesión continua (Double Feature, 1984, Academy nomination), Asignatura aprobada (Course Completed, 1987), Canción de cuna (Cradle Song, 1994), La herida luminosa (The Wound of Light, 1997), and El abuelo ( The Grandfather, 1999), which was Spain's submission for the Best Foreign Film category of the Academy Awards, getting the final nomination.

Recently, Garci directed Una historia de entonces (You're the One, 2000), Historia de un beso (Story of a Kiss, 2002). In addition to filmmaking, he is a popular television and radio sportscaster in his homeland.


Year English title Original title Notes
1977 Subject Pending Asignatura pendiente Academy Award Best Foreign Language Film nominee
1978 Alone in the Dark Solos en la madrugada
1979 The Green Meadows Las verdes praderas
1982 Begin the Beguine Volver a empezar Academy Award Best Foreign Language Film winner, 1982
1982 The Crack El crack
1983 The Crack II El crack II
1984 Double Feature Sesión continua Academy Award Best Foreign Language Film nominee
1987 Course Completed Asignatura aprobada
1994 Lullaby Canción de cuna
1997 The Wound of Light La herida luminosa
1998 The Grandfather El abuelo Academy Award Best Foreign Language Film nominee
2000 You're the One Una historia de entonces European Film Academy Best European Director nominee
2002 Story of A Kiss Historia de un beso
2004 Tiovivo c. 1950 Tiovivo c. 1950
2005 Ninette Ninette
2007 Sunday Light Luz de domingo
2008 Blood of May Sangre de Mayo


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