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José Luis Rodríguez González
Born January 14, 1943 (1943-01-14) (age 67)
Caracas, Venezuela

José Luis Rodríguez González "El Puma" (born January 14, 1943 in Caracas) is a Venezuelan singer and actor who has recorded many international super hits and participated in a handful of telenovelas. He grew up in very modest conditions, having to shine shoes, and pack bags in a supermarket for a living at an early age. Without an academic formation, he shaped himself as a singer and actor by empirical means.



He lost his father (of Canary Islands origin) at the age of six, and was raised by his mother (an illiterate then, learned to read as an adult in order to read the bible) along with 11 brothers and sisters. As his mother participated in the revolt against Marcos Pérez Jiménez (holding weapons and hiding politicians in her home), he lived in exile in Ecuador with his mother and his brother for a couple of years.

Rodríguez surfaced in Venezuela in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and was able to build a fan base there. He also participated in a famous commercial, along with his family during that time. Rodríguez went to Puerto Rico, where he participated in Cristina Bazan along with Johanna Rosaly and young Adamari Lopez. While there, he got his nickname, El Puma. Later, he also made the Telenovela El ídolo, with the Cuban actress Marylin Pupo. He played a character named Omar Contreras (a.k.a. El Puma).

Rodríguez's main money revenue, however, was his singing career. His hits included Dueño De Nada, Pavo Real and Agárrense De Las Manos. With Pavo Real, he caused a controversy at the 1982 contest of Miss Universe. The contest was being held in Atlanta, a city in the Southern United States, and Pavo Real is a song about a mixed races matrimony. This didn't sit well with the organizers of the event.

One of his most recent projects is his participation in the Spanish version of Meet the Robinsons (Spanish title: "La Familia del Futuro" or The Family of the Future) as Wilbur Robinson's dad.

El Puma is currently the star of an advertising campaign for Wrigley's Eclipse gum [1]. The spots draw on his persona, using humor and kitsch to highlight the tagline, "Libera el Puma que hay en ti."


  • Alma LLanera (1974)
  • Temas de mis telenovelas (1975)
  • Una Nueva canción (1976)
  • De América (1977)
  • Voy a Perder la Cabeza (1979)
  • Atrévete (1980)
  • Cantando Éxitos de Siempre CBS Columbia (Venezuela) (1980)
  • La Historia del Idolo (1982)
  • Dueño de Nada (1982)
  • Ven CBS Columbia (España) (1983)
  • Due Come Noi CBS Columbia (Italia) (1984)
  • El Último Beso CBS Columbia (España) (1985)
  • Voy A Conquistarte CBS Columbia Internacional (EE.UU.)(1986)
  • Señor Corazón (1987)
  • Con el Mariachi Vargas (1988)
  • Tengo Derecho a Ser Feliz (1989)
  • Las 15 Grandes de El Puma (1989)
  • Serie de Colección (1990)
  • 12 Grandes Exitos (1990)
  • Esta Vez (1990)
  • Señor Corazón (1990)
  • Senora Bonita (1990)
  • El Puma en Ritmo (1991)
  • Piel de Hombre (1992)
  • Querido Puma (1993)
  • Razones Para Una Sonrisa (1994)
  • Boleros de Siempre con José Luis Rodríguez (1995)
  • Llamada del Amor (1996)
  • Joyas Musicales (1996)
  • Lo Mejor de José Luis Rodríguez (1996)
  • Que Quiere Esa Musica Esta Noche (1997)
  • Inólvidable (1997)
  • En Ritmo 2: Fiesta (1999)
  • Serie Millennium 21 (2000)
  • Mis 30 Mejores (2000)
  • Inolvidable, Vol. 3 (2001)
  • Mis 30 Mejores Canciones con Los Panchos (2002)
  • Champagne (2002)
  • Serie de Autores, Vol. 1: Manuel Alejandro (2002)
  • Serie de Autores, Vol. 3: P. Herrero y J.L. Armenteros (2002)
  • Serie de Autores, Vol. 4: Chema Puron (2002)
  • Serie de Autores, Vol. 5 Chema Puron (2002)
  • Mujer (2002)
  • Mi Historia (2004)
  • Distancia (2005)
  • Sabor a México (2005)
  • Mis 30 Mejores Canciones (2005)
  • Canciones de Amor (2006)
  • Ayer y Hoy (2006)
  • 15 Exitos (2006)
  • Tropico (2007)
  • Homenaje a José Alfredo Jiménez (2007)
  • Interpreta a Manuel Alejandro (2008)
  • Los Grandes del Amor (2009)
  • Mi Amigo El Puma (2009)


+ Una Muchacha Llamada Milagros

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