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José Antonio Fortea Cucurull (born in Barbastro, Spain, 1968), priest and specialized theologian in Demonology. He studied Theology for his priesthood in the University of Navarre. He received the degree of licentiate (licenza) in the field of History of the Church at the faculty of Theology of Comillas. In 1998 he defended his thesis (tesina) entitled Exorcism in the Present Age under the direction of the Secretary of the Commission for the Doctrine of the Faith of the Spain Conference of Catholic Bishops.

He is a member of the clergy in the diocese of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid). He combines his work as a theologian with his activity as pastor of Saint Mary Magdalene Parish, in Anchuelo (Madrid).

Author of several books about Demonology, demonic possession and exorcism, every year he gives lectures in dioceses and universities around the World. He carries out his ministry of praying for persons who claim to be afflicted by the Devil in Our Lady of Zulema Parish in the diocese of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid, Spain). Because of the lack of exorcists, cases come all around the nation and other countries to his church and with a general permission of his bishop he prays for them.


  • DAEMONIACUM, Demonology Treatry, 2002 (ISBN 84-95894-09-2)
  • Eclessia futura, 2004. (ISBN 84-933788-0-1)
  • Edipo vasco : ¿qué haría la iglesia si ETA plantease un pacto, 2004 (ISBN 84-96088-29-4)
  • SUMMA DAEMONIACA, Demonology Treatry, Possession and Exorcism. 2004 (ISBN 84-933788-2-8)
  • Obra Férrea, 2004. (ISBN 84-933788-1-3)
  • CYCLUS APOCALYPTICUS : History of the age of apocalypse, 2005 (ISBN 84-96326-30-6)
  • Necronecópolis, 2005 (ISBN 84-933788-8-7)
  • Crónica fadriquiana, 2005 (ISBN 84-933788-7-9)
  • Memories of the last great Master Templar, 2005 (ISBN 84-933788-6-0)
  • The construction of the garden of Eden, 2005 (ISBN 84-933788-5-2)
  • History of the second secession from the United States, 2005 (ISBN 84-933788-4-4)
  • Manual inquisitors, 2006 (ISBN 84-9734-445-6)
  • EXORCISTICA, Book for exorcists 2006 (ISBN 849349450-X)
  • SUMMA DAEMONIACA Extended version, 2006. Publication Limited to 10 unique copies sealed, numbered and signed by the author.

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