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Josef Ferdinand, Prince of Bavaria on portrait of Joseph Vivien from 1698.

Duke Joseph Ferdinand Leopold of Bavaria, Prince of Asturias (28 October 1692 - 6 February 1699) was the son of Maximilian II Emanuel, Elector of Bavaria (1679-1705, 1714-1726) and his first wife, Maria Antonia of Austria, daughter of Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor, maternal granddaughter of King Felipe IV of Spain.

A family tree showing the relationships of the various claimants to Charles II

Before the War of the Spanish Succession, Joseph Ferdinand was the favored choice of the Kingdom of England and the Dutch Republic to succeed as the ruler of Spain, young Charles II of Spain chose him as his heir. The unexpected death of Joseph Ferdinand in 1699 at the age of six rendered the Anglo-French treaty inoperative and led to the Second Partition Treaty (1700), agreed upon by France, England, and the Netherlands; under its terms, Philip of Anjou was to receive the Kingdom of Naples, Kingdom of Sicily and the Duchy of Milan, while the rest of the Spanish dominions were to go to Charles, son of Leopold I. But Leopold did not accept this treaty and Louis XIV of France broke the treaty, when he enthroned Philip in Spain.

Joseph, also known as Infante Joseph Ferdinand of Spain, was a result of extreme inbreeding within the Spanish Habsburg dynasty. Joseph Ferdinand's mother's (Maria Antonia of Austria) immediate pedigree was exceptionally loaded with nieces giving birth to children of their uncles. Maria Antonia was the daughter of Margaret Theresa of Spain and Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor. Margaret Theresa was Leopold's niece, daughter of his sister Mariana of Austria and Philip IV of Spain, who were also an uncle-niece pair.

Joseph Ferdinand's great-uncle was the so-called Bewitched Charles II of Spain, who was the degenerated last Habsburg monarch of Spain, whom Joseph was destined to succeed, had he not himself predeceased Charles.


Joseph Ferdinand's ancestors in three generations
Joseph Ferdinand of Bavaria Father:
Maximilian II of Bavaria
Father's father:
Ferdinand Maria of Bavaria
Father's father's father:
Maximilian I of Bavaria
Father's father's mother:
Maria Anna of Austria
Father's mother:
Henriette Adelaide of Savoy
Father's mother's father:
Victor Amadeus I of Savoy
Father's mother's mother:
Christine Marie of France
Maria Antonia of Austria
Mother's father:
Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor
Mother's father's father:
Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor
Mother's father's mother:
Maria Anna of Spain
Mother's mother:
Margaret Theresa of Spain
Mother's mother's father:
Philip IV of Spain
Mother's mother's mother:
Mariana of Austria
Joseph Ferdinand of Bavaria, Prince of Asturias
Born: October 28 1692 Died: February 6 1699
Title last held by
Prince Charles
his great-uncle who already held the throne
Prince of Asturias
Title next held by
Prince Louis


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