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The Journal of Libertarian Studies was a scholarly journal published annually by the Ludwig von Mises Institute and Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.. It was founded in the spring of 1977 by Murray Rothbard who also served as its editor until his death in 1995. The journal had been published by the Center for Libertarian Studies, but moved to the Mises Institute in 2000.

The focus of the journal was officially "libertarian theory," with a strong influence of Austrian School and anarcho-capitalism,[1] which has in the past included articles from the fields of history, economics, and philosophy.

The JLS was originally a quarterly publication under Rothbard, and later under Hans Hoppe and Roderick Long.[1] In 2008, the JLS was changed to an annual print and online publication, edited by Thomas Woods. N. Stephan Kinsella was formerly Book Review Editor for the journal.

The Managing Editor of the JLS, as with the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, was the Mises Institute's Judith Thommesen.

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