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Journeyman - intertitle.jpg
Genre Science Fiction
Created by Kevin Falls
Starring Kevin McKidd
Brian Howe
Gretchen Egolf
Moon Bloodgood
Reed Diamond
Charles Henry Wyson
Theme music composer Amanda Ghost, James Dring, Jody Street
Country of origin  United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Kevin Falls
Alex Graves
Running time 42 mins. (approx)
Original channel NBC
Picture format 480i (SDTV),
1080i (HDTV)
First shown in USA
Original run September 24, 2007 – December 19, 2007

Journeyman is a 2007 American science fiction television drama created by Kevin Falls for 20th Century Fox Television which aired on the NBC television network.[1] It starred Kevin McKidd as Dan Vasser, a San Francisco reporter who involuntarily travels through time. Alex Graves, who directed the pilot, and Falls served as executive producers.[1]

The show premiered on September 24, 2007, airing Mondays at 10 p.m. Eastern Time.[1][2] The initial order from the network was for 13 episodes, all of which were produced prior to the 2007 Writers Guild of America strike by screenwriters. However, the series suffered from low ratings,[3] and NBC allowed its option for a full season order to lapse by the December 11, 2007, deadline for renewal. According to trade reports, such an action effectively means the series has been cancelled.[3] As of April 2, 2008, the show has officially been cancelled by NBC.[4] The final episode of Journeyman aired on Wednesday, December 19, 2007. All 13 episodes of the show are available via Hulu[5].



The series centers on Dan Vasser, a newspaper reporter living with his wife Katie and young son Zack in San Francisco. For an unknown reason, one day he begins jumping backward in time. He soon learns that each series of jumps follows the life of a person whose destiny he seems meant to change. Dan's jumping affects his family life and his job, and instills suspicion in his brother Jack, a police detective. While in the past, Dan reconnects with his ex-fiancée, Livia, whom he had believed was killed in a plane crash but is actually a traveler like him.

Fictional cosmology

Dan's "shifts" through time occur seemingly at random. The only indication he has to an oncoming jump is a feeling in his head which varies from right before he jumps to several seconds of warning. Dan appears to have no control over the shifts. The first jump is several decades into the past; through a series of jumps, he jumps nearer to the present, usually years at a time.

The jumps manifest themselves with a small blue flash and a ripple as Dan appears to vanish from the present, and appear instantly in the past. He is missing from the present for a period of time unrelated to the period he spends in the past. His disappearances and reappearances are rarely witnessed by anyone else; it is unclear if this is a factor in his jumps, or merely coincidence. Dan does not arrive in the same location he departed, but instead arrives near the person who he is supposed to help. His jumps are typically restricted to the area he leaves from, usually keeping him in the San Francisco area. Dan is also trying to figure out the mechanics of his travels. He has questioned a physicist who seems to have known his father in the past, and has discussed the possibility of tachyon particles being able to cause time jumps. It is now clear that the scientist is aware of Dan's travels, as well as those of others like him. It has also been discovered that those born around the time of a rare passing comet have this ability.

Dan's journeys appear to each have an innate purpose, which is not always apparent to him, but involves positively changing the destiny of a certain person. Likewise, fate seems to conspire against him if he tries to alter other events beyond his current charge. Alterations Dan makes to the timeline affect the present and the memories of everyone in it. His own memories, however, are unaltered, and he recalls events as they originally occurred before his interference.

Dan is not alone in his tendency to time-travel. His ex-fiancée Livia, thought to have been killed in a plane crash, actually traveled back to her "home time", 1948, from where she jumps forward in time. Dan meets Livia on his jumps into the past, as she jumps into her future to offer her experience and assistance with Dan's missions. As revealed in the episode "Perfidia", there was at least one other person who also jumps through time, named Evan. However, the death of that individual occurs shortly before Dan experiences his first jump in the first episode, bringing the whole series full circle, making Dan believe that the loss of Evan as a time traveler created a void which Dan filled. Livia and Dan also sensed that Livia's purpose in accompanying came to an end at that point, and that they would not see much of each other after that mission.

Cast and characters

  • Dan Vasser (played by Kevin McKidd) is a reporter for the fictional newspaper the San Francisco Register. Dan is the main protagonist of the series, who finds himself jumping through time, unable to stop or control the jumps. He has a son, Zack, with his wife of 7 years, Katie — his brother's ex-girlfriend. Dan was previously engaged to Livia Beale before her disappearance and supposed death in a plane crash. Dan is a recovered gambling addict.
  • Katie Vasser (played by Gretchen Egolf) is Dan's wife and mother of their son Zack. Until recently, she was the only one in the present who knew about her husband's time-traveling. Katie was the long-time girlfriend of Dan's brother Jack. Since their break-up nine years ago, the two have remained somewhat distant; partly because Katie ended up getting pregnant by Dan and they married soon after. Before marrying Dan, Katie was a television reporter. In response to cutbacks at the Register, and Dan's traveling, Katie returns to television to ensure a stable income for the family.
  • Olivia "Livia" Beale (played by Moon Bloodgood) is Dan's ex-fiancée who was presumed dead after a plane crash nearly ten years before the start of the series. It is revealed that she is actually a traveler from 1948 who jumps into the future. After not being able to jump home, she was stuck in Dan's present and adapted to life there, where she began a legal career and fell in love with Dan, only to finally jump back home while on the plane. In “Blowback” and in the final episode, “Perfidia”, she and Dan speculated that Dan was the target of her extended jump, and that her mission was to get Dan and Katie together (which was arguably a result of her supposed death). For unknown reasons, she now jumps to the same times that Dan visits, and offers him advice and assistance in his missions.
  • Jack Vasser (played by Reed Diamond) is Dan's brother. Jack, a police detective, is dating Dr. Theresa Sanchez (Lisa Sheridan), but also has feelings for Katie (his ex). Jack forms a number of misconceptions about Dan's disappearances and apparent irresponsibility, refusing to believe his brother when Dan tries to explain the time traveling. Believing Dan has perhaps returned to his gambling vice, Jack uses his police resources to investigate Dan's life. Jack is finally convinced of Dan's time traveling when Livia meets with Jack to enlist his help in getting Dan out of a desperate situation.
  • Zack Vasser (played by Charles Henry Wyson) is Dan and Katie's son, who has seen Dan disappear, believing it to be magic. Dan often fears leaving his son as his father left him when he was Zack's age.

Main crew

Kevin Falls, Alex Graves, Joan Binder Weiss, J.R. Orci, Neal Ahern, Megan Mascena, Matt McGuinness, Paul Redford, David Hyman, Juan Carlos Coto, Tom Szentgyorgyi, Dana Calvo and Robert Ulrich (Casting Director).


Exteriors of the Vasser family home were shot at Foy House, 1337 Carroll Ave., Angelino Heights, Echo Park, Los Angeles.[6] At the end of episode ten the Innes House made famous as Halliwell Manor in the series Charmed can be seen next door to the south-east.

Episodes of the show were made available online,[1] and NBC distributed the pilot on a fall-preview DVD at Blockbuster and other retail video-rental stores.[citation needed]

United Kingdom's Sky One, Australia's Channel Ten[7] , TV3 in New Zealand and Canada's Global network[8] acquired broadcast rights to the series.

When the show was not renewed for a full season, some Journeyman supporters initiated an attempt to revive production of the series by sending boxes of Rice-A-Roni (a product associated with San Francisco) to NBC, echoing the "Nuts" campaign which led to a second season of the CBS series Jericho.[9] Journeyman creator Kevin Falls has acknowledged the campaign in his blog, saying "Your fight to save Journeyman has humbled and moved us. I'm certainly not going to tell you to stop now." However, Falls has also said that there are long odds against a revival, stating "Journeyman will likely not be getting a back nine order."[10] As of April 2, 2008, the show was confirmed as officially canceled by NBC.[4]

International broadcasters

Country TV network Weekly schedule (local time) Start date End date
Australia Australia Ten HD Thursdays 10:30pm December 4, 2007, via Network Ten February 28, 2008
Belgium Belgium 2BE Sundays 06:40pm January 3, 2010
Canada Canada Global Mondays 10:00pm
Republic of Ireland Ireland RTE Two Tuesdays 12:00pm
Norway Norway Viasat 4 Sundays 9:00pm February 24, 2008
Denmark Denmark TV3+ Denmark Wednesdays 8:00pm May 28, 2008
Thailand Thailand True Series Sundays 9:00pm April 27, 2008 July 20, 2008
United Kingdom United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland Ireland Sky1 / Sky3 Thursdays 10:00pm / Wednesdays 9:00pm November 8 2007 / July 15 2009 February 14 2008 / TBC
United States United States NBC Mondays 10:00pm EST / 9:00pm CST September 24, 2007 December 19, 2007
Singapore Singapore Channel 5 Sunday 04:00pm May 11, 2008
Spain Spain Fox TV / Fox Crime Mondays 10:20pm / Sundays 9:54 pm May 19, 2008 / February 21, 2010 August 4, 2008
Brazil Brazil Fox TV Wednesdays 10:00pm May 28, 2008
Malaysia Malaysia TV2 Tuesdays 10:00pm June 17, 2008
Sweden Sweden TV3 Mondays 10:00pm June 30, 2008 September 22, 2008
Portugal Portugal Fox
Mondays 10:00pm
Thursdays 12:00am
June 25, 2008
May 11, 2009
Croatia Croatia RTL Televizija Wednesdays 10:00pm September 3, 2008
France France M6 Saturday 8:50pm October 18, 2008 November 22, 2008
Iceland Iceland Stod 2
Stod 2 Extra (Re-Run)
Mondays 9:50pm
Tuesdays 10:45pm (Re-Run)
October 13, 2008
October 14, 2008
January 5, 2009
January 6, 2009
Turkey Turkey TNT
Chile Chile UCV TV Thursday 10:00pm November 6, 2008
Italy Italy Italia 1 Wednesday 11.10pm December 10, 2008 February 7, 2009
Russia Russia TV3 Russia Monday to Thursday 7.00pm January 19, 2009 February 5, 2009
Japan Japan Fox Thursdays 9:00pm April 9, 2009
Germany Germany RTL II Saturdays 2:25pm [11] April 25, 2009 May 30, 2009
New Zealand New Zealand TV3 Monday 11:30pm September 7, 2009 November 30, 2009
Finland Finland Sub Tuesday 10pm December 1, 2009 February 23, 2010
Poland Poland Polsat Saturdays 5:45pm December 19, 2009

Network Ten in Australia aired the first 2 episodes on its main channel, but the show has since been moved to its secondary channel, Ten HD, a high-definition digital only multi-channel.


The series premiere, "A Love of a Lifetime", was watched by 9.2 million people, and received a 3.5/9 share.[12] Mike Pearson of the Rocky Mountain News felt that Journeyman cannibalized past television shows Early Edition and Quantum Leap. In his opinion, the second episode was more coherent than the first.[13] Tony Whitt of gave "A Love of a Lifetime" an A−, and felt that one aspect of Journeyman that was better than Quantum Leap was its love story. He also liked the acting in "A Love of a Lifetime" and called star McKidd "damn watchable."[14] Karla Peterson of The San Diego Union-Tribune felt that "A Love of a Lifetime" was "a deft mix of supernatural wizardry and grown-up drama."[15]

U.S. ratings

Nielsen ratings[16][17]

# Episode Air Date Rating Share 18–49 (Rating/Share) Viewers (m) Rank (Overall)
1 "A Love of a Lifetime" September 24, 2007 5.9 10 3.7/9 9.48 #43
2 "Friendly Skies" October 1, 2007 5.2 9 3.3/8 8.39 #50
3 "Game Three" October 8, 2007 4.5 7 3.0/7 6.94 #61
4 "The Year of the Rabbit" October 15, 2007 4.5 7 2.9/7 7.00 #67
5 "The Legend of Dylan McCleen" October 22, 2007 4.0 6 2.5/6 6.28 #72
6 "Keepers" October 29, 2007 3.8 6 2.4/6 5.93 #71
7 "Double Down" November 5, 2007 3.4 6 2.1/6 5.25 #80
8 "Winterland" November 12, 2007 4.0 7 2.4/6 6.08 #70
9 "Emily" November 19, 2007 3.8 6 2.3/6 5.75 #66
10 "Blowback" November 26, 2007 3.8 6 2.5/6 6.21 #68
11 "Home By Another Way" December 10, 2007 3.7 6 1.8/6 5.56 #62
12 "The Hanged Man" December 17, 2007 3.1 5 1.6/4 4.36 #65
13 "Perfidia" December 19, 2007 3.2 6 1.8/5 4.65 #58


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Time changes everything.

Journeyman is a 2007 American science fiction television drama created by Kevin Falls for 20th Century Fox Television which aired on the NBC television network. The series is about a San Francisco journalist who begins to involuntarily travel backwards through time where, much to the consternation of his wife and brother, he meets his ex-fiancée who supposedly died in a plane crash.


Season 1

I guarantee you, you have not been where I have been.

Pilot - A Love of a Lifetime

Hugh Skillen: Don't you have a wedding anniversary tonight?
Dan Vasser: [realizing] I forgot to pick up her ring.
Hugh Skillen: I've seen this movie before.
Dan Vasser: Hey, I don't need you in the kitchen when it comes to my marriage.
Hugh Skillen: Yes you do.
Dan Vasser: Yeah you're right.

Nicole: Do you regret it; having a kid?
Dan Vasser: I'd do anything right now to get back to him.
Nicole: Good luck with that.

Dan Vasser: I think I just helped [Neal Gaines] start a family.
Katie Vasser: Well that's great, how about sticking around here and saving this one.

Hugh Skillen: I've been where you've been.
Dan Vasser: I guarantee you, you have not been where I have been.

Dan Vasser: I'm not what you married, and I'm sorry about that... I'll always come home.

Friendly Skies

Be incredibly lucky and meet the right person.
Jack Vasser: I don't want to be your first phone call anymore when you have marital problems.
Katie Vasser: Wow, its good I came in person. It must be so much more gratifying saying that to my face.
Jack Vasser: You married my bother Katie, I can't just shrug it off and carve the Christmas turkey.
Katie Vasser: I didn't leave you for him and I'm not the reason Livia died.

Livia Beale: You wanna join the mile high club?
Dan Vasser: Can I ask you something? If I am here for a reason, if I am following someone, why are you here?
Livia Beale: [Evasively] I don't know.
Dan Vasser: It's me isn't it, you're following me?

Tanna Bloom: You haven't changed at all.
Dan Vasser: Neither have you.
Tanna Bloom: Oh God, please tell me I have.
Dan Vasser: Alright, you have.

Game Three

Katie Vasser: Is it something you were born with, is it genetic, in the DNA; that's what I'd like to know?
Dan Vasser: It's hard to say.
Katie Vasser: What ever. [Dan and Katie walk into the bathroom] Here's the bottom line, when you're done the [toilet] seat goes down. [Demonstrating] Again - done and down. I thought we had this licked but recently there's been some backside.
Dan Vasser: Change is hard Katie.

Dan Vasser: You wanna know the weird part? It felt like I was gone for fifteen minutes, when I got back it had been three hours.
Katie Vasser: Dan, on my current 'list of weird' that doesn't even make the top ten.

The Year of the Rabbit

I'm a recovering gambling addict who travels through time — I have some things going for me.
Melissa Waters: You fit the description of the man I'm supposed to meet; blond, good looking, great shape. I thought you were him. The wedding ring should have been the give away.
Dan Vasser: Yeah well, extremely married.
Melissa Waters: Any advice on how to make that happen?
Dan Vasser: Be incredibly lucky and meet the right person.
Melissa Waters: Well you're a big help.

Dan Vasser: I know that you're upset about me seeing Livia back there Katie, but...
Katie Vasser: Dan, I have three hundred people coming to a black tie fund raiser that I'm chairing, and a string quartet that's just bumped us for the Mayor's birthday, thirty-two more returned inventions due to insufficient postage. You and Livia meeting in the ether is not what's bothering me right now.

Livia Beale: You don't even seem like Katie's type.
Dan Vasser: What's her type?
Livia Beale: I don't know; Jack's a cop — edgy commitment-phobic, a bad boy — you're not.
Dan Vasser: I'm a recovering gambling addict who travels through time — I have some things going for me.

Katie Vasser: You look like you've been in a fight.
Dan Vasser: Yeah, well maybe nine years ago.

The Legend of Dylan McCleen

Katie Vasser: Cheese guy's here
Theresa Sanchez: Oh I love him!
Jack Vasser: Wait, so cheese is okay, just not cheesecake?

Katie Vasser: You're an adrenalin guy Dan. You liked the action when you were gambling, maybe you want two women in different time zones. You know, technically it wouldn't be cheating — I was sleeping with Jack, maybe you should sleep with Livia back there.
Dan Vasser: So if I'm with Livia back there, you can start sleeping with Jack here. [Katie reacts] What — not funny?

[As Dylan McCleen gets away]
Livia Beale: Yeah, that's a bummer
Dan Vasser: This assignment's a bitch!
Livia Beale: They're all a bitch.
Dan Vasser: I just need my laptop — how did people survive back here?


Zack Vasser: I know a trick Dad can do to scare people — turn invisible.
Katie Vasser: Honey, that's our little secret, okay, just like money. Remember, it's not polite to talk about money.

Dan Vasser: What day is it?
Livia Beale: I dunno — I just got here. You want a new travel tip?
[Looking at a license plate]
Livia Beale: registration tags — it's 1965
Dan Vasser: Oh yeah? Kid's on his cell phone.
Livia Beale: Okay, so it's not a perfect system.

Livia Beale: This is some kind of teen fantasy for you, isn't it?
Dan Vasser: No... yeah!

Steven Kowalchuk: Don't you get it — he doesn't age? [To Dan] Are you from the future or the past?
Dan Vasser: The future.
Steven Kowalchuk: I knew it! It's the shoes, it's always the shoes.

Double Down

Livia Beale: I can't believe we're having this discussion.
Dan Vasser: I can, I have them all the time with my wife now. Never with my dead fiancée though.

Livia Beale: I loved this table, you've no idea how hard it was to find this thing. I'm kinda surprised it broke.
Dan Vasser: How come?
Livia Beale: It always seemed pretty sturdy to me.

Dan Vasser: You know a couple of times tonight when we were talking...
Livia Beale: It was like nothing had ever changed.
Dan Vasser: Accept those guys trying to kill me.
Livia Beale: And you fighting yourself — that's new.

Livia Beale: How much money are we talking here?
Dan Vasser: I had over twenty thousand dollars in that drawer, give or take a few.
Livia Beale: You ever heard of a bank?
Dan Vasser: It wasn't exactly tax deductible.


If some higher power wants me to do their dirty work, I wanna know the reason why.
Hugh Skillen: You, uh, you gotta second?
Dan Vassar: Uh oh.

Dan Vassar: I'm late for dinner with my wife.
Livia Beale: Well, for now you're stuck with this one.

[Holding a bottle of wine]
Dennis Armstrong: Hey everybody, look at this! Cabernet from 2004 — gag wine from the future!

Elizabeth Armstrong: I like you. You're staring at your wife and coveting her.
Dan Vassar: These are the times we live in I guess.
Elizabeth Armstrong: So why fight it? [Looking to the 2004 Cabernet] Is this as good as Blue Nun?

Katie Vasser: You went to a swingers' party and all you did was talked?
Dan Vassar: That and watch the Nixon "I am not a crook" speech on news. It was a rush to see it on the day it actually happened.
Katie Vasser: Honey, I love that you went to a wife swapping party and it was Nixon that turned you on.

Mo Rollins: What's you're bag? You got a job, did you drop out?
Dan Vassar: [To Livia] I'll take this one.
Livia Beale: Go ahead.
Dan Vassar: We're time travellers.
Celia Wogan: Mo says he's from the middle ages — no joke. Guess what it's called.
Livia Beale: The 'high middle ages'?
Mo Rollins: [Surprised] Yes!

Katie Vasser: I thought all you guys do is talk?
Dan Vassar: Great! So now you're upset that I don't talk to her enough.
Katie Vasser: I want to know where the other woman lives.

Dan Vassar: I don't wanna do this anymore Liv.
Livia Beale: I know.
Dan Vassar: If some higher power wants me to do their dirty work, I wanna know the reason why.
Livia Beale: Yeah, good luck with that.


[At a rave party]
Dan Vassar: So, what are we doing?
[Livia dances round him]
Livia Beale: I don't know about you, but I'm freeing myself.
Dan Vassar: What?
Livia Beale: It's an autonomous zone. Dance!!
Dan Vassar: [Sarcastically] Thanks, have fun tonight.

Livia Beale: This thing; it's not an exact science.
Dan Vassar: Is it even a science?
Livia Beale: It happens, just like the bumper sticker says... I hope you're right about this one.
Dan Vassar: Well, time will tell.


[Holding Dan's iPhone]
Doctor: Hey, check this out — what is it?
Dan Vassar: It's a calculator.

Dan Vassar: I get it, I get it; don't go off mission. Can you tell them to call off their dogs.
Livia Beale: If only I had their ear.

Livia Beale: I die, you mourn, she comforts... you and Katie, you don't come together unless Livia and Dan come together first. She filled a vacuum I created.

Home by Another Way

Zack Vassar: We're using fennel seeds.
Dan Vassar: Fennel seeds — fantastic!
Zack Vassar: Do you even know what that is?
Dan Vassar: I've no idea.

Dan Vassar: I'm fine, granted I can't raise my arm above my head and whenever I try to talk to Katie about Aeden Bennett she starts baking. Oh and I got fired, but apart from that, happy holiday!

The Hanged Man

[Livia wears revealing lingerie]
Livia Beale: [Seeing Dan] Thank God it's you!
Dan Vassar: I'm thanking God it's me too.

Caroline Vassar: Do you wanna know what I do when I'm mad? Sometimes I scream, and sometimes I think of red liquorice.
Dan Vassar: [Laughs] Red liquorice?
Caroline Vassar: See; it works.

Katie Vassar: Theresa's pregnant.
Dan Vassar: Okay, did I cause that?
Katie Vassar: God, I hope not.
Annette Barron: What a bizarre marriage.


Evan Pattison: I used to sleep in the nude and get called away, and I woke up one too many times in family restaurants. At first I didn't tell the authorities I was a traveller, and then I did once, and then I made the mistake of insisting I was, and — here I am.

Evan Pattison: I was in pelican bay once — 76.
Dan Vassar: You time travelled there?
Evan Pattison: No; assault.

Katie Vassar: It sure would be nice to have someone else like you around.
Dan Vassar: Well there's Livia.
Katie Vassar: Yeah, someone who's a guy and not really really hot.

Evan Pattison: [To Livia] Who are you?
Dan Vassar: It's a friend.
Evan Pattison: She's one of us. You can tell by the shoes.

Livia Beale: I can't go in there with you.
Dan Vassar: Why not?
Livia Beale: 'cause I'm supposed to be dead.
Dan Vassar: Oh yeah right.

Elliot Langley: You are the last one.
Dan Vassar: No, you're wrong. There's one more.
Elliot Langley: Really, who?
Dan Vassar: I wish I could talk about it.
Elliot Langley: Wise man.


  • "Time changes everything"

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Simple English

Format Science Fiction, Drama
Created by Kevin Falls
Starring Kevin McKidd
Brian Howe
Gretchen Egolf
Moon Bloodgood
Reed Diamond
Charlie Wyson
Theme music composer Steve Bramson
Country of origin
Language(s) English
Executive producer(s) Kevin Falls
Alex Graves
Running time 42 mins. (approx)
Original channel NBC
Picture format 480i (SDTV),
1080i (HDTV)
First shown in USA
Original airing September 24, 2007

Journeyman is an U.S.A. science-fiction television series that starts on the NBC network in September, 2007.


The series is about a reporter, Dan Vasser, who finds that he can travel through time with no warning. He can change things in his own past, so he has to be careful not to change too much.

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