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Joyce Porter (March 28, 1924–December 9, 1990)[1] is an English crime-fiction author.

Porter created the characters of Eddie Brown, Constance Ethel Morrison Burke, and Wilfred Dover.[2]

In DI Wilfred Dover & his side-kick Sergeant MacGregor she created a template later used successfully, especially by Reginald Hill, in straight 'who-dunnits', but Porter's novels, while intricately plotted, were always played for laughs.

Dover was obese, lazy , unhygienic (the only man in the metropolitan force with underarm dandruff) & bordering on corrupt. MacGregor was keen, clean & ferociously ambitious. However, on the rare occasions he was able to put aside plate, pint-glass & cigarettes long enough to concentrate, Dover usually saw the answer first.

The Honourable Constance Ethel Morrison Burke is an upper-class spinster who, armed only with pluck, a deep-routed hatred of men & her family's enormous financial resources, sallies forth to fight crime with the aid of her devoted 'friend'.

The 'Hon Con' books are even less like straight 'who-dunnits' than the 'Dovers' because while Dover is an experienced copper who has, it becomes clear, a good brain, the 'Hon Con' is an amateur bungler of below-average intelligence. Therefore, her solving each case must be achieved entirely by a happy coincidence.


Detective Chief Inspector Wilfred Dover
Dover One (1964)
Dover Two (1965)
Dover and the Unkindest Cut of All (1967)
Dover Goes to Pott (1968)
Dover Three (1968)
Dover Strikes Again (1970)
It's Murder with Dover (1973)
Dover and the Claret Tappers (1976)
Dead Easy for Dover (1978)
Dover Beats the Band (1980)
Dover: The Collected Short Stories (1995)

Eddie Brown, The World's Most Reluctant Spy
1. Sour Cream with Everything (1966)
2. The Chinks in the Curtain (1967)
3. Neither a Candle Nor a Pitchfork (1969)
4. Only with a Bargepole (1971)

Constance Ethel Morrison Burke
1. Rather a Common Sort of Crime (1970) (aka Constance Ethel Morrison Burke)
2. A Meddler and Her Murder (1972)
3. The Package Included Murder (1975)
4. Who the Heck is Sylvia? (1977)
5. The Cart Before the Crime (1979)


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