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Juan Manuel Rodríguez
Born May 6, 1945 (1945-05-06) (age 64)
Bilbao, Spain
Occupation Professor, author
Language Spanish
Nationality Ecuadorian
Notable work(s) A7393: Hombre de Cenizas[1]

Juan Manuel Rodríguez Lopez (b. 6 May 1945, Bilbao, Spain) is a former Jesuit priest,[2][3][4][5][6] an Ecuadorian professor and author from Bilbao, Biscay, Basque Country, Spain. He has written a number of novels, including El Espantapájaros (translation: The Scarecrow).[5][7]


Man of Ashes

The book A7393: Hombre de Cenizas (translation: A7393: Man of Ashes) was published in Mexico in 1990 as an autobiography, with Salomon Isacovici as lead author (and the subject of the book) and Rodríguez as co-author.[1][5]

Isacovici (1924–1998) was a Romanian Jew who survived the Nazi Holocaust during World War II.[5]

In 1995, the University of Nebraska Press planned to publish an English language version, translated by Dick Gerdes, a professor at George Mason University in Virginia.[6][8] The publisher described the book as important to Holocaust studies as a rare account of a Romanian, and Latin American Jewish writer.[9][10]

The book's publication was delayed due to a dispute over the book's principal authorship and its status as fiction or non-fiction. Rodríguez threatened legal action, stating that the book was a fictionalized account of Isacovici's life written largely by Rodríguez and incorporating some of his own memories. He argued that he was the main author of the book and should be credited as such.[2][4][6][10][11]

Rodríguez's claim was critiqued as an example of literary usurpation and as an attempt to cast doubt on a Holocaust survivor's experience.[4][6] The English translation was finally published in 1999 as non-fiction, with Isacovici and Rodríguez listed as co-authors.[6][8][11]

Published works



  • Rodríguez, Juan Manuel (2005) (in Spanish). Cinturón de Fuego [Ring of Fire]. Quito: Ediciones Libri Mundi. ISBN 9789978570463. OCLC 71010635.  
  •    (2003) (in Spanish). El Poder de los Vencidos [The Power of the Vanquished]. Madrid: Mileto Ediciones. ISBN 9788495282507.  
  • Isacovici, Salomon; Rodríguez, Juan Manuel (1999). Man of Ashes.  [8]
  • Rodríguez, Juan Manuel (1997) (in Spanish). El Pez Perfume [The Fish Smell]. Quito: Grupo Editorial Norma. ISBN 9789978540497.  
  •    (1997) (in Spanish). Cuaderno De Apuntes [Notebook]. Quito: Universidad San Francisco de Quito.  
  •    (1996) (in Spanish). El Pulso de la Nada [The Pulse of Nowhere]. Quito: Libresa. ISBN 9789978803639.  
  •    (1992) (in Spanish). El Mar y la Muralla [The Sea and the Wall]. Quito: Libresa. ISBN 9789978201800.  
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  • Isacovici, Salomon; Rodríguez, Juan Manuel (1990). A7393: Hombre de Cenizas.  [1]
  • Rodríguez, Juan Manuel (1990). El Espantapájaros.  [7]
  •    (1983) (in Spanish). Jorma el Predicador. Madrid: Alba. ISBN 9788475670003.  
  •    (1981) (in Spanish). Algunas Compras y Otros Encargos [Some Purchases and Other Charges]. Quito: Ediciones y Distribuciones J.L.I. OCLC 17039378.  

Academic publications

  • Información Estética en el Relato (2008) ISBN 9789978550687
  • Desafíos de la televisión frente a otros medios de comunicación, in Evolución y retos de la televisión (2003)
  • Riqueza informativa, miseria comunicacional, in El futuro de los diarios (2002)
  • Educar para la vida, Desarrollo del pensamiento, Tomos I - X (1997–2000)
  • Diccionario de conjugación de los verbos castellanos (1998)
  • Comunicación dinámica, Tomos I y II (1993–1995)
  • Manual de conjugación de los verbos castellanos (1986)
  • Aproximación à la estructura narrativa de la novela Cumandá, in Cumandá, contribución a un centenario (1979)
  • R. Pérez Torres o el absurdo agónico, in Situación del relato ecuatoriano II (1977)


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