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Mtz. de Irujo
Full name Juan Martínez de Irujo
Date of birth 4 December 1981 (1981-12-04) (age 28)
Place of birth Ibero, Olza, Navarra
Country Spain
Province Navarra
Height 1,86 m
Weight 84 kg
Debut date June 6, 2003
Categories Hand-pelota
Position Forward
Management Asegarce
1st Hand-Pelota singles championship 2004, 2006, 2009
1st Hand-Pelota doubles championship 2005, 2006, 2009
Cuatro y Medio
Cuatro y Medio 2006, 2008

Juan Martínez de Irujo (born 4 December 1981) is a professional Basque pelota player for ASPE company.


Early life

Martínez de Irujo was born in 1981 in Ibero, Olza. Is the son of Juan Angel Martinez de Irujo and nephew of the difunct professional pelotari Javier Martínez de Irujo.

Professional career

Martinez de Irujo made his debut on Labrit fronton in 2003, soon became an important player of the game, winning in 2004 the Hand-pelota championship and subchampion with Lasa III on the doubles tournament held the same year. In 2005 earned the subchampionship of 1st hand-pelota championship but won the doubles with Goñi III. In 2006 won the three titles of pelota: hand single, hand doubles and Cuatro y Medio as Julián Rategui did on 1990. In 2008 earned the subchampionship of cuatro y medio to Olaizola II. In 2009 won the doubles championship along with Fernando Goñi and won his third single hand-pelota title to Olaizola II.

1st Hand-pelota championship finals

Year Champion Subchampion Score Fronton
2004 Martínez de Irujo Xala 22-12 Atano III
2005 Olaizola II Martínez de Irujo 22-18 Atano III
2006 Martínez de Irujo Olaizola II 22-17 Atano III
2009 Martínez de Irujo Olaizola II 22-12 Atano III

Doubles hand-pelota championship finals

Year Champions Subchampions Score Fronton
2004 Titín III - Goñi III Martínez de Irujo - Lasa III 22-8 Atano III
2005 Martínez de Irujo - Goñi III Bengoetxea VI - Beloki 22-12 Atano III
2006 Martínez de Irujo - Martínez de Eulate Olaizola II - Zearra 22-11 Ogueta
2009 Juan Martínez de Irujo - Goñi III Olaizola II - Mendizabal II 22-21 Atano III

Cuatro y Medio Euskadi Championships

Year Champion Subchampion Score Fronton
2006 Martínez de Irujo Barriola 22-21 Ogueta
2008 Olaizola II Martínez de Irujo 22-17 Atano III

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