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Judas Kiss
Directed by J.T. Tepnapa[1]
Produced by J.T. Tepnapa
Carlos Pedraza
Paul Cooke (associate)
Charlie David (executive)
Jody Wheeler
Written by J.T. Tepnapa
Carlos Pedraza[2]
Starring Charlie David
Brent Corrigan
Richard Harmon
Timo Descamps
Cinematography David Berry
Distributed by Blue Seraph Productions
Release date(s) 2011 (2011)
Running time 107 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Judas Kiss is an upcoming science-fiction drama film directed by J.T. Tepnapa and written by Tepnapa and Carlos Pedraza. It stars Charlie David, Brent Corrigan, Richard Harmon, and Timo Descamps.[3][4][5][6] The film is the story of a disillusioned filmmaker’s visit to his peculiar alma mater, where he is trapped in a tug of war between his tortured past and a troubling future.

Judas Kiss is the feature film directorial debut of J.T. Tepnapa, who has won many international awards for his short films, including the multiple award-winning parody of 1950s teen health films.



Years after graduation, a failed filmmaker's visit to his peculiar alma mater traps him in a tug of war between his tortured past and a bleak future.[7]


Lead roles[8]
  • Charlie David as Zachary "Zach" Wells, a once-promising filmmaker, whose addictions have reduced him to shooting wedding videos. Handsome, stubborn, sarcastic, and manipulative, Zach isn’t above cheating to get his way.
  • Richard Harmon as Danny Reyes, a gay film student at Keystone University at the crossroads of parallel timelines, where he is caught in a tug of war between a tortured past and a troubling future.
Supporting roles
  • Brent Corrigan as Chris Wachowsky, a former film student who won the scholarship last year that Danny seeks this year. He has a crush on Danny, but keeps his distance because of "big man on campus" Shane Lyons with some hold over the talented Chris. Chris has chemistry with Danny but can’t seem to woo the younger filmmaker away from Shane.
  • Timo Descamps as Shane Lyons, an amoral college senior who will do whatever it takes to win Danny's love.
  • Julia Morizawa as Abbey Park, is a snarky Asian girl with flaming red hair who is Danny’s unflagging best friend. Full of life, and cynicism aside, she can always cheer him up.
  • Ron Boyd as Ralph Garlington, is a famous Hollywood cinematographer who is judging the film and scholarship competition at the Keystone University Film Festival. He and Zach don’t get along very well.
  • Troy Fischnaller as Topher Shadoe, is a Keystone graduate and superstar Hollywood director who’s made his name with a string of successful action films. He is Zach’s best friend and confidante. Before he plans to go to Spain to shoot his next film, Blood and Barcelona, he hands off his film festival jury duties to Zach.
  • Samantha Rund as Rebecca Lynn, is a Hollywood filmmaker sitting on the festival jury with Zach. Lively and effervescent, she also knows a bit about Zach’s dark past.
  • Ronee Collins as Kimberly Reyes, is Daniel Sr.'s wife and the mother of young Danny Reyes.
  • Iain Dunn as young Danny Reyes, is the son of Daniel Sr. and Kimberly Reyes. Young Danny has emotional conflicts with his abusive father.
  • Eric Helland, Stephanie Hillbert as Mr. and Mrs. Lyons, are the wealthy and influential parents of Shane. They are big donors to Keystone Summit University.
  • Laura Kenny as Mrs. Blossom, is the dean of the Keystone film school, an efficient administrator who manages to be direct and obtuse at the same time. Much like Welds, she seems to have an understanding of destiny that escapes both Zach and Danny, though she seems to hold their best interests at heart.
  • Dale Bowers as Old Man Welds, is an inscrutable volunteer at Keystone who seems to know Zach’s every move before Zach does. Welds is a cranky chain smoker who appears to be orchestrating Zach’s campus visit for some personal gain known only to the old man himself.
  • Vince Valenzuela as Daniel Reyes Sr., is Danny’s father. There’s bad blood between them, and Daniel Sr. has a powerful hold over his son — something Danny wants to escape at all costs. Daniel Sr. threatens to cut off Danny’s college tuition if the boy submits his short film, "Judas Kiss", to the festival’s scholarship competition. Full of manipulative anger, Daniel Sr.’s calm manner belies his darker nature.
  • Dennis Bateman as Father, is a role in Danny’s short film, Judas Kiss, that appears within the film. Jude (Matt Smith) is the son in the short film.
Featured roles
  • Tim Foutch as Tommy, a film student at Keystone University competing with Danny for a scholarship.
  • Julian LeBlanc as Nate, is a Hollywood model-actor who caught Zach’s eye.
  • Genevieve Buechner as Samantha, is Shane Lyons’ righthand girl, always there to do his bidding.
  • Tessa Archer, Demetrius Sager, Joe Royal, Michael Carpenter as Keystone Students.


The movie is produced by Blue Seraph Productions, a Los Angeles company headed by Tepnapa and Pedraza. Their previous work has been featured in the New York Times, BBC, Variety, Frontiers, Fab, the Today Show, MSNBC, and other international news outlets.

The film, which was shot in the summer of 2010 in Seattle,[9] has already attracted attention for casting former Dante's Cove star Charlie David. Also cast is film star Brent Corrigan, who appeared in 2008's Oscar-winning Milk and the comedy Another Gay Sequel.


Corrigan impressed the director with his acting in In the Closet. David is well known at the gay box office. [10] Richard Harmon won the role over more than 1,000 Los Angeles actors when his video taped audition impressed the producers.[11]

Belgian actor Timo Descamps approached the project's producers after seeing a casting notice on-line. In addition to the acting, he saw the film as an opportunity to feature his musical talents to a new audience. [12] Patti Carns Kalles was hired to handle the Seattle, Washington casting.


The film's soundtrack includes new prog, alternative rock, and space rock music. Actor/singer Timo Descamps is featured on the upcoming soundtrack.


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