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The term judgment (AE)[1] or judgement (BE) generally refers to the considered evaluation of evidence in the formation of making a decision. The term has three distinct uses:



In formulating cognitive judgements, a formal process of evaluation applies. A judgment may be expressed as a statement, e.g. S1: "A is B" and is usually the outcome of an evaluation of alternatives. The formal process of evaluation can sometimes be described as a set of conditions and criteria that must be satisfied in order for a judgement to be made. What follows is a suggestive list of some conditions that are commonly required:

  • there must be corroborating evidence for S1,
  • there must be no true contradicting statements,
  • if there are contradicting statements, these must be outweighed by the corroborating evidence for S1, or
  • contradicting statements must themselves have no corroborating evidence
  • S1 must also corroborate and be corroborated by the system of statements which are accepted as true.

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