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Judo at the
2008 Summer Olympics
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Men Women
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The Women's 52 kg (also known as half-lightweight) tournament in the judo at the 2008 Summer Olympics was held on August 10, at the Beijing Science and Technology University Gymnasium. A total of 22 women competed in this event, limited to jūdōka with a body weight of less than 52 kilograms. Preliminary rounds started at 12:00 CST, while repechage finals, semifinals, bouts for bronze medals and the final were held at 18:00 CST.

This event was the second-lightest of the women's judo weight classes, limiting competitors to a maximum of 52 kilograms of body mass. Like all other judo events, bouts lasted five minutes. If the bout was still tied at the end, it was extended for another five minute, sudden-death period; if neither judoka scored during that period, the match is decided by the judges. The tournament bracket consisted of a single-elimination contest culminating in a gold medal match. There was also a repechage to determine the winners of the two bronze medals. Each judoka who had lost to a semifinalist competed in the repechage. The two judokas who lost in the semifinals faced the winner of the opposite half of the bracket's repechage in bronze medal bouts.



Gold Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg Xian Dongmei
China (CHN)
Silver Flag of North Korea.svg An Kum-Ae
North Korea (PRK)
Bronze Flag of Algeria.svg Soraya Haddad
Algeria (ALG)
Flag of Japan.svg Misato Nakamura
Japan (JPN)

Tournament results


Main bracket

The gold and silver medalists were determined by the final match of the main single-elimination bracket.

  1st round Round of 16 Quarter Finals Semi Finals Gold medal final
           Flor Velázquez (VEN) 0001  
  An Kum-Ae (PRK) 0201       An Kum-Ae (PRK) 0010  
  Yagnelis Mestre (CUB) 0000         An Kum-Ae (PRK) 0200  
           Sholpan Kaliyeva (KAZ) 0000  
           Shih Pei-Chun (TPE) 0020  
           Sholpan Kaliyeva (KAZ) 0021  
             An Kum-Ae (PRK) 0001  
  Ilse Heylen (BEL) 0001       Misato Nakamura (JPN) 0000  
  Audrey La Rizza (FRA) 0000       Ilse Heylen (BEL) 1000  
           Kristie-Anne Ryder (AUS) 0000  
           Ilse Heylen (BEL) 0000
  Zinura Djuraeva (UZB) 0000       Misato Nakamura (JPN) 0001  
  Romy Tarangul (GER) 1101       Romy Tarangul (GER) 0000  
           Misato Nakamura (JPN) 0001  
             An Kum-Ae (PRK) 0001
           Xian Dongmei (CHN) 0011
           Anna Kharitonova (RUS) 0000
           Telma Monteiro (POR) 0211  
           Telma Monteiro (POR) 0010
  Ana Carrascosa (ESP) 0100       Xian Dongmei (CHN) 1011  
  Mönkhbaataryn Bundmaa (MGL) 0000       Ana Carrascosa (ESP) 0000  
           Xian Dongmei (CHN) 1000  
           Xian Dongmei (CHN) 1001  
  María García (DOM) 0010       Soraya Haddad (ALG) 0000  
  Andressa Fernandes (BRA) 0001       María García (DOM) 0000       
           Kim Kyung-Ok (KOR) 1003       
           Kim Kyung-Ok (KOR) 0001
           Soraya Haddad (ALG) 0210  
           Hortance Diedhiou (SEN) 0001
  Marie Muller (LUX) 0000       Soraya Haddad (ALG) 0010  
  Soraya Haddad (ALG) 0211  


Those judoka eliminated in earlier rounds by the four semifinalists of the main bracket advanced to the repechage. These matches determined the two bronze medalists for the event.

1st round   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Bronze medal finals
      Kaliyeva (KAZ) 0010         Haddad (ALG) 0121
  Mestre (CUB) 0000       Velázquez (VEN) 0000           Kaliyeva (KAZ) 0010
  Velázquez (VEN) 0001         Kaliyeva (KAZ) 1000
      Heylen (BEL) 0000  
      Heylen (BEL) 0002
  Tarangul (GER)       Tarangul (GER) 0000  
      Monteiro (POR) 0001         Nakamura (JPN) 0200
  Carrascosa (ESP)         Carrascosa (ESP) 0101           Kim (KOR) 0000
 bye           Carrascosa (ESP) 0001
      Kim (KOR) 1010  
      Kim (KOR) 0010
  Muller (LUX) 1001       Muller (LUX) 0001  
  Diedhiou (SEN) 0001  



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