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Juergen Schreiber (born January 30, 1947) is an investigative journalist and author based in Berlin, Germany. He is a regular contributor to Berlin's daily newspaper Der Tagesspiegel on matters concerning German's Past in WWII and in the fine arts. Much recognition gained Schreiber's (non-official) biography in 2005 of the German painter Gerhard Richter, in which he could detect the fact that Richter's own aunt was murdered by Richter's later father-in-law Heinrich Eufinger.

Life and work

For over 30 years Juergen Schreiber was working as journalist and as a reporter. In this time he was mainly working for the German newspapersStuttgarter Zeitung and the Frankfurter Rundschau. He was also as author represented in the German magazines of Geo, Sports and Merian and the Zeit-Magazin. Besides it belonged to the initial members of the weekly paper Die Woche, which has been adjusted in the meantime. As a reporter it was also temporary with the magazine of south Germans biggest newspaper, Munich's Sueddeutsche Zeitung. Since 1999 he is working for Berlin's biggest daily Der Tagesspiegel and since 2001 actively as its reporter-in-chieff. In connection with the case Magnus Gaefgen he uncovered the torture menace against Magnus Gaefgen, accused of murder in the meantime. Two times he was honoured with the Waechter-Price of the German press. In 1991 he received in addition to that the very much regarded Theodor Wolff prize. In 2005 Juergen Schreiber published his first book "A painter from Germany", 2005 (only in German so far) which uncovered the family drama of the present internationally most well-known German painter, Gerhard Richter. Schreiber revealed in the fact that Richter in his famous portrait Aunt Marianne painted his aunt together with the painter as a baby in front, who was killed later in Adolf Hitler's Euthanasia-programme by physicians, among them Richter's own later father-in-law and physician, Professor Dr. Heinrich Eufinger. (This happened naturally without knowledge Gerhard Richter).


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