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Julia Fernandez
Bayblade character
Japanese name Julia Fernandez
Bit-beast Thunder Pegasus

Julia Fernandez, known in Japan as Raul Fernandez, is a fictional character of the anime and manga series of Beyblade.



Beyblade G-revolution: Thunder Pegasus


Thunder Pegasus: To Da La Fuerza

Thunder Pegasus/Torch Pegasus: Gemini Crash, Gemini Attack


Beyblade G-revolution: F-Dynasty (F-Sangre in the Japanese version)

Julia, is the older twin by a few minutes, and seems to take control over her brother Raul. She seems to be the strongest of the two. Not only is she a strong tag team Beyblader, but she is also pretty powerful on her own. Julia has a very short temper, and often gets angry at her brother Raul. She is very confident, although it was shown in episode 21 of G-revolution, that this was mainly due to her brother's presence. Julia is often very bossy and seems to nearly always take control of the situations.

Her bitbeast is Thunder Pegasus. Her attacks include Toda la Fuerza, and her Beyblade style is a combination of attack, endurance and defence. Another characteristic that distinguishes her (and her brother as well) from other bladers, is that her power increases when the crowd is cheering for her. She loves shopping more than any of the girl bladers.

Julia has good relationships towards other characters, except for Mariah (Mao) sometimes, possibly due to the resemblance between both of them.

She's less shy than her brother. Trained by Romero from a young age, Julia and Raul's incredible teamwork is reflected on their beyblading skills. In performances, Julia is usually the centre of the spotlight. Their skill with a beyblade is a beautiful thing to behold.

In the manga

The manga version of Beyblade introduces us a slightly different F-dynasty. Raul and Julia come from "the noble Fernandez family", instead of a circus, and Raul is given more attention than Julia, being far more confident and arrogant than in the anime version (although he is still the 'younger brother').

Another thing to consider is their grandfather, Pablo Fernandez (or old man Pablo), who is the best beyblade craftsman in the world, and whose Beyblades can even shatter steel. He build F-dynasty's Beyblades and also Tyson's (at a certain point of the story), but he only makes them to those he considers worthy.

They made their first appearance in volume 10, representing Europe, region A.



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