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Julien Lahaut (September 6, 1884, Seraing, near Liège, Belgium - August 18, 1950, (Seraing) was a Belgian politician, who died by assassination.


Political background

Lahaut became a Communist deputy and chairman of the Communist Party of Belgium, and was particularly vocal for his republican sympathies.


He was assassinated on August 18, 1950 at Seraing. Following his murder, strikes were organised all over the country, while 300,000 people attended his funeral.

When King Baudouin of Belgium pledged his commitment to Belgium as future King, before the Parliament on August 11, 1950, one of the Communist deputies shouted "Vive la République!" ("Long Live the Republic!") in protest, followed by Julien Lahaut. A few days before, there had been a strike followed by 500,000 persons opposed to the return of the monarchy, especially after Leopold III's compromises with the Nazis. A week later, Julien Lahaut was shot dead before his house by two killers. François Goossens, a Belgian royalist, was later revealed to be one of the assassins, although it has become doubtful if Goossens was the actual shooter, after someone else has come forward claiming that he was the one who shot Lahaut.[1]


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