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Bates Enforcer Series 11" side zip Paratrooper Jump Boots

Jump boots (also known as paratrooper boots or "Corcorans") are a type of combat boot typically associated with soldiers (called paratroopers) assigned to parachute units. Jump boots are fully laced from the instep to the top and give more support to the ankle whereas ordinary combat boots during World War II were laced just above the ankle and had to be worn with leggings or puttees to prevent mud and dirt from entering the shoe. Jump boots were originally designed by William P. Yarborough in 1941 for use in the 501st Parachute Test Battalion[1]. In modern times, nearly all combat boots are fully laced, therefore modern jump boots are mainly worn as dress and parade boots. They are generally made of smooth leather with toe-caps and heel counters that accept a high polish or "spit-shine". Certain US Army soldiers, notably those assigned to an Airborne/Special Forces unit, are authorized to wear jump boots with their Class A uniforms.[2]


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