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Junejo (Urdu: جونیجو) is the name of a Samma Sindhi Rajput tribe in Sindh and in some parts of India, mostly in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Among the Sindhi Hindu community Juneja is a common surname and many Juneja people originally from Sindh migrated to India during the independence in 1947. Junejo are also known as Jam {See Ja'am, } in some circles. They are mostly involved in agriculture-related industries and the political arena.



Junejos were the descendants of Jam Juno, brother of Jam Tamachi, the Samma ruler of Sindh, who was also an avid lover of Noori (Sindhi folklore, see Noori Jam Tamachi) who became King of Sindh after Jam Tamachi. Jam Tamachi and Jam Juno fought and those who were in favour (sons and followers alike) of Jam Juno came to be known as Junejo. Junejo literally means Sons of Juno; Jo means 'of' in Sindhi and June refers to 'Jam Juno' meaning descendants of Jam Juno, they belonged originally to Dadu, Thatta and Badin. Jam Sunjar was king of Sindh and his direct family history connects to Junejo tribe.[1]


They are largely located in the Sindh province in Nawabshah,Hyderabad, Thatta, Sukkur,Shikarpur, Khairpur, Sanghar,Tharparkar, Larkana, Dadu, Badin, Mirpurkhas Districts in Pakistan and in the Rajasthan, Junagarh regions of India.

Juneja of India

In India, the Juneja are found mainly in the districts of Amerli, Rajkot and Kutch, all in Gujarat. They speak a dialect of Kutchi, which has several Sindhi loanwords. A good many are Maldhari pastoral nomads found in the Banni region of Kutch. The Juneja of Gujarat have also been associated with Hikmat, the practice of unani medicine, and the community has produced many prominant hakims. They have close links with other Kutch Samma tribes such as the Halaypotra, Hingora and Hingorja.[2]

Notable people

  • Raees-Ul-Muhajireen Barrister Jan Muhammad Junejo - Leader of the Khilafat Tehreek.
  • Mohammad Khan Junejo Former Prime Minister
  • Jam Sadiq Ali - Former Chief Minister Sindh
  • Chakar Ali Khan Junejo - Former Ambassador MPA
  • Ghulam Rasool Junejo Fomer District Council Chairman Tharparker
  • Shahnawaz Khan Junejo - Former Federal Minister, MNA and Senator
  • Sarfaraz Ali Junejo Taluka Nazim Sindhri, Mirpurkhas
  • Professor Dr. Tanvir Junejo - Noted Sociologidt and Sindhi short story writer
  • Ghiasuddin Junejo - Civil Servant and writer
  • Professor Dr. Abdul Jabbar Junejo - Academician and writer
  • Abdul Qadir Junejo - Well known Dramatist
  • Masroor A. Junejo - Career Diplomat, Pakistan's High Commissioner to Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda and Ambassador to Burundi and Eriteria

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