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Single by Die √Ąrzte
from the album Jazz ist anders
Released October 5, 2007
Genre Punk rock
Length 3:07
Label Hot Action Records
Writer(s) Farin Urlaub
Producer Die √Ąrzte
Die √Ąrzte singles chronology
"Die kl√ľgsten M√§nner der Welt"
"Lied vom Scheitern"

"Junge" (Boy) is a song by Die √Ąrzte. It's the sixth track and the first single from their 2007 album Jazz ist anders. It debuted on the radio on August 31.

The song is about teens offending with their bad behaviour and appearance, ruining their childhood and life. The song describes a generation gap by referring the day-to-day criticisms (for example by parents) appealing to the boy to start a respectable life.

A Chinese language version of "Junge" was released on the compilation Poptastic Conversation China on August 1, 2008.[1]


The video

The video for the single is very graphic and depicts various violent attacks by zombies to town members, while the band Die √Ąrzte looks on helplessly from the top of a broadcast van and sings about teens ruining their lives. The band use a variety of makeshift weapons, such as a guitar, binoculars and a beer can, before a crossbow is produced from out of nowhere in a section that resembles a scene from the 2004 British film Shaun of the Dead. The zombies are finally overwhelming and Farin gets eaten at the end. It was directed by Norbert Heitker.

The opening scene, where a bleeding zombie kid is walking down the street, is a parody of the opening scene of the film "Arlington Road".

There is also a censored version of the single, which is meant to be funny. The zombies' faces are covered with other funny faces (most of the band members). The dripping blood in the beginning is blue. Some attack scenes are slightly covered and the worst of the attack scenes are covered by tags with funny messages like "I wouldn't show this scene to my children either!", "Entertainment has to become more family-friendly!", "This scene is unacceptable. I want to apologise for this!", "Luckily, the video is over now!", "Funny noises... Are they also on the single?". In the end, the following message is displayed: "The Hot Zombie Action Association monitored the zombie action. No zombies were harmed in the making of this film."

Track listing

  1. "Junge" (Urlaub) - 3:08
  2. "Das schönste Lied der Welt" (Felsenheimer) - 2:36
  3. "Tut mir leid" (Felsenheimer) - 3:27
  4. "Junge" (Video ohne Altersbeschränkung) (Video without an age restriction) - 3:37


  • "Das sch√∂nste Lied der Welt" (The most beautiful song in the world) is about overcoming sadness and depression by writing the most beautiful song in the world.
  • "Tut mir leid" (I'm sorry) is about the consequences of being drunk.


Country Chart position
Austria 7
Germany 1
Switzerland 23


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  • IPA: [ňąj äŇč…ô]


Junge m. (genitive Jungen, plural Jungen or Jungs or Jungens)

  1. boy

Usage notes

The declenated forms of Junge, as being a weak noun, are Jungen in accusative, dative, genitive singular as well as in plural in all cases.


  • Bube m. (chiefly Swiss and Austrian)



Junge n. (genitive Jungen, plural Jungen)

  1. young animal

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