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Jungle Junction
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Genre Children's television series
Format CGI
Created by Trevor Ricketts
Written by Craig Carlisle
Dan Chambers
Gillian Corderoy
Jill Cozza-Turner
Stan Cullimore
Paul Dawson
Jimmy Hibbert
Samantha Hill
Mark Holloway
Bridget Hurst
Paul Larson
Laura Beaumont
James Mason
Allan Neuwirth
Trevor Ricketts
Claudia Silver
P. Kevin Strader
Andy Yerkes
Directed by Morgan Francis
Voices of Janet James
Billy West
Keith Wickham
Jess Harnell
Laraine Newman
Dee Bradley Baker
Jimmy Hibbert
Amanda Symonds
Ron Orbach
Opening theme Peter Lurye
Composer(s) Mark Blackledge
Country of origin  United Kingdom
Language(s) English
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 21 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Erica Darby
Editor(s) Mark Edwards
Location(s) Penzance, Cornwall
Running time 25 minutes per 2 (12 minute) episodes
Production company(s) Spider Eye Productions
Mosquito Productions
Distributor Playhouse Disney
Original channel Playhouse Disney UK
Picture format HD
First shown in  Spain
Original run September 26, 2009 – present
Status Airing
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Jungle Junction is a current CGI animated children's television series created by Trevor Ricketts. It airs on Playhouse Disney (USA), Playhouse Disney (UK & Ireland), Playhouse Disney (Portugal) and Playhouse Disney (Spain). It is produced in the UK by animation company Spider Eye Productions.



Set deep in the heart of an unexplored, road-filled Jungle, the show features a group of fun-loving animals on wheels and aims to help preschoolers develop their pre-literacy skills, as well as encouraging them to care about the environment.

The CGI-animated series follows the wheeled animals of Jungle Junction as they zoom their way through the jungle on fast-moving, fun adventures.

Part animal, part vehicle, the residents include Zooter, an energetic pink pig scooter who is the jungle messenger, Ellyvan, a cross between an elephant and a van who provides the jungle residents with their delivery service, and the Beetlebugs who are the playful kids of the jungle, always eager to learn.

Each episode follows the story of one of the key characters solving a problem they need to overcome.

Like all Playhouse Disney programming, humour and fun are an integral part of the show, so learning becomes an enjoyable and playful experience for preschoolers.

The series is underpinned by an innovative curriculum that encourages preschoolers to be aware of their impact on the natural world and helps them foster an early appreciation for the environment.


Character Name Voiced by Appears in Other Information
Main Characters
Zooter Janet James 21 episodes An energetic pink piglet scooter, who is the jungle messenger.
Ellyvan Billy West 21 episodes A blue elephant van, that carries the deliveries around the jungle. He is the biggest animal in the jungle and Zooter's best friend.
Bungo Keith Wickham 21 episodes A ring tailed lemur that loves to make signs and put them all over the jungle. He is also very good at Geography.
Taxicrab Jess Harnell A crab that loves to dance.
Carla Laraine Newman An orange koala bear that owns a grocery shop.
Crocker Keith Wickham A crocodile fire chief
Hippobus Amanda Symonds A hippopotamus school bus, which usually carries The Beetlebugs to school.
The Beetlebugs TBA The junior wheelers.
Lance Dee Bradley Baker A rhinoceros ambulance.
Bobby Jimmy Hibbert A toucan police chief.
Dozer Keith Wickham A bull construction worker.
Mrs Jolly Amanda Symonds A zebra school mistress.
Toadhog Ron Orbach A grumpy toad, which likes worms.
Minor characters
Worms N/A 1 episode Appears in Bungo To The Rescue.
Prickly N/A 1 episode Taxicrab's cactus dancing partner in Prickly Pal.
Elly-Santa TBA 1 episode Jungle Junction-style Santa in The Night Before Zipsmas.
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Christmas Special

A Christmas Special called "The Night Before Zipsmas" aired 5 December 2009 showing the wheelers getting ready for Christmas and trying to get to read the book "The Night Before Zipsmas". The other Christmas special was called "A Gift For Zooter" and aired the same day. It shows Ellyvan trying to find a gift for Zooter.

DVD releases

Title Release date Episodes included Other features
Region 2 Region 1 Region 4
Play-Time Free-Time May 11, 2010 TBA TBA
  • Bungo To The Rescue/Pinky Picnic
  • The Big Race Around/Zooter Looses Her Zip
  • A Beautiful Stink/Prickly Pal
  • Sap Trap/River Race


The show airs in several countries around the world. Nuvola apps browser.png

Country Channel Airing Information Title English Meaning
Date Time Other Information
 United Kingdom Playhouse Disney Airs from September 26, 2009 9.50am - 10.15am[1] New episodes on Saturdays. The episodes that air between September 26 - 25 October 2009 air on weekends. The episodes that air 26 October - 1 November and during December air daily. The following air weekends. No new episodes were broadcast between November 7, 2009 and January 3, 2010. An new episode which aired on 5 December 2009, aired at 10.15am, due to Playhouse Disney airing beforehand Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Choo Choo Express. Jungle Junction
 United States Disney Channel's Playhouse Disney Airs from October 5, 2009 10am - 10.25am Airs Monday-Sunday with new episodes on certain days.
 Canada Playhouse Disney TBA TBA Coming soon
 Portugal Disney Channel's Playhouse Disney Airs from October 24, 2009 8am - 8.25am New episodes Saturday-Sunday Selva Sobre Rodas Jungle About Wheels
 Spain Playhouse Disney Airs from September 26, 2009 8.30am-8.55am Airs weekends. First country to air "Jungle Junction". Jungla Sobre Ruedas Jungle On Wheels
 Italy Playhouse Disney Airs from January 20, 2010 8.00pm-8.25pm In giro per la giungla Going around in the Jungle
 Australia Playhouse Disney Airs from February 1, 2010 10am and 5.30pm


This is a list of songs that play in the episodes.

Song Name Episode plays in Written by Composed by Performed by Other information
Jungle Junction Theme Tune Every episode Peter Lurye Mark Blackledge Peter Lurye, Steve O'Reilly, Janet James, Jimmy Hibbert, Amanda Symonds, Billy West and Keith Wickham
Gotta Zip The Big Racearound

Pinky Picnic

The Treasure of Jungle Junction


Nothing To Sneeze At

Firestation Hero

Zooter Loses Her Zip

A Beautiful Stink

Prickly Pal

The Night Before Zipsmas

Sap Trap

River Race

The Star Juggler

Bungo's Box

Smile, Toadhog!

Rainy Daze

King Ellyvan

Peter Lurye Mark Blackledge Peter Lurye, Steve O'Reilly, Janet James, Jimmy Hibbert, Amanda Symonds, Billy West and Keith Wickham When the song plays in Pinky Picnic there are two short intervals within it. Also known as The Zippy Song
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  • Writers - Craig Carlisle, Dan Chambers, Gillian Corderoy, Jill Cozza-Turner, Stan Cullimore, Paul Dawson, Jimmy Hibbert, Samantha Hill, Mark Holloway, Bridget Hurst, Paul Larson, Laura Beaumont, James Mason, Allan Neuwirth, Trevor Ricketts, Claudia Silver, P. Kevin Strader and Andy Yerkes
  • Director - Morgan Francis
  • Opening theme - Peter Lurye
  • Composer - Mark Blackledge
  • Executive producer - Erica Darby
  • Casting - Maria Estrada
  • Art/Storyboards - Richard Nye
  • Visual Effects/Digital Compositor - Fynn Tucker
  • Animation - David Beer, Mariella Capasso and Rikki Knight-Trembath
  • Animation Director - Stephen Cavalier
  • Original Dialogue Mixer - David W. Barr
  • Dubbing Mixer - Nick Harris


Disney says:

A group of adventurous animals on wheels -- part animal, part vehicle -- live and learn in an unexplored jungle that still somehow has roads. A cross between a pink pig and a scooter, Zooter serves as the jungle messenger, and Ellyvan, a cross between an elephant and a van, provides a delivery service. The denizens of the jungle have fun-filled adventures that help young viewers learn literacy skills and to care about the environment.


  1. ^ twice, Jungle Junction has started airing during 10.15am - 10.40am, due to Playhouse Disney airing feature-length episodes of before-hand programmes.

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