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Jurong Junior College
Maktab Rendah Jurong
Logo of Jurong Junior College
Jurong West, Singapore,
Type Government
Session Full day
Established 1981
Principal Tay Lai Ling (Ms)
Enrolment Approx. 1,800
Colour(s) Brown, green

Jurong Junior College (JJC) is a junior college located in Jurong West in Singapore. It was the ninth junior college established by the Ministry of Education in March 1981. It became functional in April 1981 under principal Koh Beng Thiam and was situated at West Coast Road, next to Pandan Reservoir. JJC moved to its current campus at Jurong West in 1985.



The college moved to its current premises in January 1985. The college has a 3-storey high classroom block that is fully air-conditioned and five lecture theatres.

The 4-storey building known as the JJ People Development Centre that will house various special rooms for pupil development activities namely Integrated Language Elective Programme (ILEP), Racial Integration Programme, Leaders Network, Students' Council Room, is open to students. The computer labs are at level 4, with three labs in total and one Gaming lab.

The college provides a synthetic football field which is one of the few in Singapore. Other sport and games facilities include six badminton courts (hall), shooting range, two squash courts, netball court, basketball courts, tennis courts, and volleyball courts.

The college has science labs including a photonics lab where the students conduct research.

Staff and students

The college has an enrolment of about 1709, 141 teaching staff and 32 non-teaching staff.[1] From 2010, Miss Tay Lai Ling takes over as the college principal.[2]

House system

The houses are named after famous sportpersons:


These are the annual major events organised by the College.



Student Orientation Programme

The orientation programme is organised by the People Development Department. J1 students participate in a 3-day residential camp held in the College. Some programmes in the orientation camp include mass dance, telematch and JJ night.

Love Fiesta

All students in the College are involved in the Love Fiesta food and fun fair. The funds raised are used to help needy students and to fund bursary awards and student enrichment programmes.


Students can showcase their talents and take part in the English Solo, Chinese Solo, Vocal or Dance Group categories in Talentime. Talentime Finals are held in the Nanyang Technological University Auditorium (NTU). Audience can use the SMS voting to tally the results during the Finals.

Sports Carnival

Houses in the college compete against one another in a test of will, teamwork and athletic prowess. Some highlights of the sports carnival include the Fartlek relay, where each participant run 400 metres while carrying a medicine ball and the Teachers’ Telematch.

Graduation and Homecoming Night

This is a formal graduation ceremony cum dinner and party during which graduating students are presented with their leaving certificates by the Principal.

Students' Council

School Song:

The road unwinds before us
And we must venture on
Towards the bright tomorrow
Which faith and hope enthrone.

We shall not stay nor linger
We shall not shrink nor fail
But hand in hand together
Strike out along the trail.

Head, heart and hand we offer
That none will fail the test
"Plus Ultra" leads us further
Until we are the best.

And on our backs the armour
Forged in our college days
And in our eyes the light of truth
This college sets ablaze.


The Students' Council is one of the co-curricular activities in the college. Councillors are selected through a long process. They will first start out as a Council applicant after submitting their application form and will then begin a campaign school to garner more votes during the election. After they are elected, the Council elects will go through an interview in which their post will be chosen by the teachers and will go through a Council elects training camp.

25th Students' Council

The 25th Students' Council of Jurong JC comprises 21 students of which seven are in the executive committee. This batch of Students' Council is the first batch to occupy the roof-top Students' Council Room.

The 25th Students' Council comprises four committees:

  • General Executive Committee
  • Corporate Communication Committee
  • Co-Curicculum Committee
  • Welfare Committee

26th Students' Council

The 26th Students' Council of Jurong JC comprises 33 students of which 11 are in the executive committee. This batch of Students' Council is the first batch to occupy the new Students' Council Room located at the 2nd level of the People Development Block.

The 26th Students' Council consists of five committees:

  • General Executive Committee
  • Leadership,Innovation and Enterprise Committee
  • Manpower and Resource Committee
  • Welfare Committee
  • Corporate Communication Committee

27th Students' Council

The 27th Students' Council comprises 30 students of which 11 are in the executive committee. This is the second batch to occupy the Council Room.

The 27th Students' Council consists of seven committees:

  • General Executive Committee
  • Leadership and Training Committee
  • Manpower Committee
  • Welfare Committee
  • Corporate Communication Committee
  • Resource Committee
  • Enterprise and Community Committee

28th Students' Council

The 28th Students' Council comprises 21 students of which eight are in the executive committee. This is the third batch that will be occupying the Council Room.

The 28th Students' Council consists of four committees:

  • General Executive Committee
  • Student Leadership and Manpower Committee
  • Communication and Resource Committee
  • Welfare Committee

Awards and accolades

General college awards

  • Outstanding Development Award (Character Development) (2006-2010)[3]
  • Sustained Achievement Award (Physical Fitness)[3]
  • TAF Award - Gold[3]

CCA awards


  • Volleyball (A Division Girls' Team) - National Champion (2005)[4]
  • Badminton (A Division Boys' Team) - 4th place (2006)
  • Soccer (A Division Boys' Team) - 3rd Place (2006)
  • Rugby Boys - Plate Champion (2007)

Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Central Judging[5][6]

Year/CCAs Choir Chinese Orchestra Concert Band International Dances Indian Dance Malay Dance English Drama Chinese Drama
2009 Certificate of Participation Bronze Silver Silver Silver Silver - Silver
2007/2008 Bronze Silver Silver Silver Gold with Honours Silver Bronze Silver
2005/2006 Silver Silver Silver Silver Gold with Honours Gold Bronze -


  • JJ AVAC- Winner of N.E.MATION! II competition[7]


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