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Just Another Pandora's Box
Traditional 越光寶盒
Simplified 越光宝盒
Pinyin Yuèguāng Bǎohé
Jyutping Jyut6gwong1 Bou2hei3
Directed by Jeffrey Lau
Written by Jeffrey Lau
Starring Ronald Cheng
Gigi Leung
Betty Sun
Athena Chu
Gillian Chung
Eric Tsang
Patrick Tam
Huang Bo
Guo Degang
Release date(s) March 18, 2010 (2010-03-18)
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Preceded by A Chinese Odyssey

Just Another Pandora's Box (simplified Chinese: 越光宝盒traditional Chinese: 越光寶盒pinyin: Yuèguāng Bǎohé) is a Hong Kong film being directed by Jeffrey Lau and set to be released in March 18, 2010. It is a spiritual successor to Lau's two-part 1994 film A Chinese Odyssey, taking place in the same world. It will star Ronald Cheng and Betty Sun. Athena Chu, who starred in A Chinese Odyssey, will make a guest appearance.

The film's Chinese title is pun on the Chinese title of the first part of A Chinese Odyssey, 月光寶盒 (simplified Chinese: 月光宝盒). The last three characters of each title are the same, only the first differs; the pronunciations of 月 and 越 are the same in both Cantonese (jyut6) and Mandarin (yuè). The older title translates literally to "Moonlight Magic Box"; in the title of this film, the character for "moon" is replaced by 越, in this context meaning "more" or "surpassing".



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