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Just One of the Guys
Directed by Lisa Gottlieb
Produced by Andrew Fogelson
Written by Dennis Feldman
Jeff Franklin
Starring Joyce Hyser
Clayton Rohner
Billy Jayne (credited as Billy Jacoby)
William Zabka
Sherilyn Fenn
Music by Tom Scott
Cinematography John McPherson
Editing by Tony Lombardo
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date(s) April 26, 1985
Running time 90 minutes
Country  United States
Language English
Gross revenue US$11,500,000 (USA)

Just One of the Guys was a 1985 comedy film, directed by Lisa Gottlieb. The film is marketed with the tagline "Terri Griffith is about to go where no woman has gone before." This movie ranked number 48 on Entertainment Weekly's list of the "50 Best High School Movies".[1]



Just One of the Guys tells the story of Terri Griffith (Joyce Hyser) as an aspiring teenage journalist living in the Arizona suburbs who feels that teachers do not take her seriously because of her good looks. So when she fails to get her dream internship, she comes to the conclusion that it is because she is a girl.

To remedy the situation, she decides to enroll at a rival high school. Her brother Buddy, a sex-obsessed loudmouth, helps her disguise herself as a boy, and keeps tabs on Terri throughout her experiment. After fending off a bully (William Zabka) and a "girlfriend", she manages to be accepted as one of the guys. But then she meets Rick (Clayton Rohner), a gold-hearted nerd. After walking him through an image makeover, she falls for him.



Just One of the Guys
Soundtrack by various artists
Released 1985
Genre Rock, pop, R&B
Label Elektra
Professional reviews
  1. Just One of the Guys - Shalamar 3:55
  2. Girls Got Something Boys Ain't Got - Midnight Star 3:56
  3. Tonight You're Mine, Baby - Ronnie Spector 4:57
  4. Prove It to You - Dwight Twilley 3:20
  5. Jealous - Berlin 4:23
  6. Way Down - Billy Burnette 3:34
  7. Burning - Brock, Davis 4:20
  8. Thrills - Greg French 3:15
  9. Hard Way - Brock, Davis 4:48
  10. Guy Talk - Tom Scott 2:29

The songs and music that were played in the film not on the soundtrack.

  1. Trouble - Lindsey Buckingham
  2. Down the Street - The Stooges
  3. Turn out Right - Private Domain
  4. Comb my Hair - Johnny Lyon
  5. "Buns" - Bonedaddys
  6. Gone Too Far - Neurotica

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