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The Bedroom Philosopher
Birth name Justin Heazlewood
Born 12 June 1980 (1980-06-12) (age 29)
Burnie, Tasmania
Nationality Australian
Years active 2002–present
Genres Musical comedy
Notable works and roles I'm So Postmodern

The Bedroom Philosopher is the performance persona of Australian comedian, author, actor and songwriter Justin Heazlewood.

2002-2005 Living On The Edge Of My Bed

The Bedroom Philosopher began in 2002, when he regularly appeared on Triple J's The Morning Show[1]. He also filmed two pilot episodes of The Bedroom Philosopher Show for the ABC Fly TV, a now defunct digital youth television station[2]. He also secured his first major musical gig, playing support for Bodyjar and The Bumblebeez at Triple J's Unearthed concert that year.

The Bedroom Philosopher has performed in past years at the Big Day Out[3], Falls Festival[4], Melbourne Fringe Festival[5], Adelaide Fringe Festival[6], National Folk Festival, Perth International Arts Festival[7] and Melbourne International Comedy Festival. His first three Melbourne Comedy Festival Shows included Living On The Edge Of My Bed (2003)[8], In Bed With My Doona (2004), and Pyjamarama (2005). In 2006 he teamed up with Josh Earl to form The Renegades Of Folk, performing a Melbourne Comedy Festival show of the same name[9].

The Bedroom Philosopher's first unofficial album, Living on the Edge of My Bed, featuring tracks which had earlier been played on The Morning Show, was released in 2003. This unmastered collection was only sold at live shows.

2005-2008 I'm So Post Modern

In 2005 the Bedroom Philosopher released his first retail and studio album, In Bed With My Doona[10], produced by his Uncle Ken Heazlewood. This release was taken strongly by Triple J's audience, with the first single "I'm So Post Modern" reaching number 72 in the Hottest 100[11]. The Bedroom Philosopher was the only unsigned artist to make the list in 2005[12]. His self-produced film clip of "I'm So Post Modern" (by Dan Ilic) also featured on the Hottest 100 DVD[13].

Brown And Orange

After performing at Perth International Arts Festival The Bedroom Philosopher completed his second album Brown and Orange with producers Chris Scallan and Martin "Moose" Lubran, released in February 2009[14]. The first single from this was "The Happiest Boy", released in October 2007[15]. The video clip of "The Happiest Boy" was made by David Blumenstein at Nakedfella Productions[16].

2007 also saw the introduction of 'The Awkwardstra', comprising of Andy Hazel on bass, Hugh Rabinovici on drums and Michael O'Connor on flute[15]. Late 2008 saw the addition of Jamie Power on percussion and Gordon Blake on sitar[14]. This coincided with the release of second single "Wow Wow's Song (La La La)" which quickly became a Youtube hit garnering 20 000 plays in its first 5 days of being posted[17], and featured popular comedy trio Tripod featuring as backing vocalists.

Songs From The 86 Tram

April 2009 saw The Bedroom Philosopher debuting his show Songs From The 86 Tram in the Melbourne Comedy Festival[18]. He won the Director's Choice award for outstanding show and reprised it in the 2009 Melbourne Fringe Festival. Songs from this show comprise his third album Songs From The 86 Tram, recorded in August and September 2009. The show was nominated for three 2009 Green Room Awards winning for best cabaret production[19]. The show was revised for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Heazlewood appeared as "Re-enactment John" in the ABCTV series John Safran's Race Relations in late 2009[20].

Songs From The 86 Tram album has been presaged by the single Northcote (So Hungover), released to radio in February 2010, and is due to be released mid 2010.


  • Living on the Edge of My Bed (2003) Demo
  • In Bed With My Doona (2005) LP
  • Folkstar/I'm So Post Modern (2006) Maxi-Single
  • The Happiest Boy (2007) iTunes single
  • Wow Wow's Song (La La La) (2008) iTunes single
  • Brown and Orange (2009) LP
  • Party In My Head (2009) Radio single
  • Northcote (So Hungover) (2010) iTunes single


Under his real name, Justin Heazlewood frequently writes for a number of Australian publications.

Since 2002, Heazlewood has written a fortnightly column for Canberra streetpress BMA called "Struth Be Told"[21]. More recently, Heazlewood has written regular contributions for national Australian magazines Frankie Magazine, JMag and The Big Issue. His works have also appeared in Australian publications Sleepers Magazine[22], Rattapallax[23], Going Down Swinging[24], The Sex Mook[25] and The Death Mook.

From 1999 to 2005, Heazlewood was a regular contributor and editorial committee member for Voiceworks[26].

From 2005 to 2006, Heazlewood was a full-time writer for the Network Ten sketch comedy program The Ronnie Johns Half Hour[27].

As The Bedroom Philosopher, Heazlewood has written a monthly Ezine LapTopping since 2002[28].

In 2009 Heazlewood created the sketch radio show 'Lime Champions' on Melbourne community radio Triple R. He co-hosts it with Melbourne comedians Damien Lawlor, Josh Earl and Eva Johansen.

World records

  • Longest continuous performance of Daryl Braithwaite's "The Horses" while riding on a horse carousel on Melbourne Cup day in Canberra - (30 minutes)[29].
  • Longest continuous performance of John Farnham's "You're The Voice" in Melbourne - (9 hours)[30].
  • Longest demonstration of 'BoonRapping' (reading David Boon's autobiography in a hip hop style) in Hobart - (12.5 minutes)[2].
  • Artist with the most performances at the venue 'Stage Door: The Cafe' in Burnie, Tasmania.

Chart statistics

  • "I'm So Post Modern" voted number 72 in Triple J Hottest 100, 2005. (lyrics)[31]


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Justin Heazlewood

Justin Heazlewood (born June 12, 1980) is an Australian writer, humourist and musician.


  • Everyone's got the same insecurities as you
    Everyone's got the same insecurities as you
    Believe me it is true
    You are not alone
    There's no need to feel blue
    Everyone's got the same insecurities as you
    Believe me it is true
    Do not be afraid
    To show people the real you.
    • In Bed with my Doona
  • At one point we got some German sausages for dinner, and my girl Anna was working the communal tomato sauce pump and she whacked it and it all squirted over my pants, and suddenly there was silence, and I realised that Muse had stopped playing, and the entire 20 odd thousand punters were looking at me, and suddenly I just threw my hands up and said ‘anyone for sauce?’ and everyone just burst into laughter and suddenly Peaches was there and she said ‘you’re alright kid’ and we high fived and then I crowd surfed all the way onto stage and Muse let me play the guitar solo for one of their songs and even though I’d never heard it I just winged it and it was awesome.
    • Laptopping

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